Senate Dems Hijack Budget Process With Extreme Sanctuary State Amendment

BOSTON -- As they approach the end of a chaotic legislative session that's featured talk of new taxes, pay hikes for politicians, and corruption scandals ending in resignations and felony charges, Senate Democrats aren't backing down on their troubling behavior and betrayal of the public's trust, this time, hijacking the annual budget process with an extreme sanctuary state amendment that is all about catering to their far-left base and making Massachusetts less safe. Continue reading

Warren's "Lagging" Numbers Lead To Weakness At Home As She Eyes National Spotlight

BOSTON -- As Senator Warren further alienates herself from Massachusetts voters by pursuing national ambitions, a new report in The Boston Globe examines her feeble support and absentee status at home. The Globe reports on Warren's "lagging favorability ratings," and warning signs as she faces re-election while trying to position herself ahead of 2020. Continue reading

ICYMI: Boston Globe calls out Zakim for Receiving Campaign Assistance from Official Staff

BOSTON -- In a twist that exposed his rampant hypocrisy and hollow rhetoric, the tables have turned on Josh Zakim. The Boston Globe has reported that Zakim has also abused public resources during his past political campaigns despite his grand-standing on the issue. Continue reading

ICYMI: Far-Left Pol's Sanctuary Amendment Threatens More Chaos For Scandal-Plagued Senate Dems

BOSTON -- Senate Democrats, who have been beleaguered by scandals and corruption in recent months, are now facing a new challenge as budget season gets underway: dangerous and irresponsible proposals by some of their most extreme members. A new column by Hillary Chabot in today's Boston Herald covers Sen. Jamie Eldridge's attempt to hijack the budget process with a radical sanctuary state amendment that threatens to plunge Senate Democrats back into chaos. Continue reading

ICYMI: Lowell Sun Praises Governor's Record of Fiscal Responsibility, and Urges Democrats to Get on Board

BOSTON -- With budget season underway, The Lowell Sun sets the tone with an editorial backing Governor Baker's fiscally responsible approach, and praising his record of protecting taxpayers. The Sun also warns of the scandal-embroiled Senate Democratic leadership's desire to take more of Massachusetts taxpayers' hard-earned money. Continue reading

Galvin, Dems Use Taxpayer Resources To Advance Their Political Campaigns

BOSTON -- A bombshell report in The Boston Globe indicates that Secretary William Galvin and other statewide elected Democrats are using public employees to benefit their political campaigns. Continue reading

MassGOP Chairman Calls On Senator Rosenberg To Resign

BOSTON -- MassGOP Chairman Kirsten Hughes released the following statement reacting to today's Ethics Committee Report on the conduct of Senator Stan Rosenberg, and urging him to heed the call of Governor Charlie Baker to resign from the Senate:   Continue reading

On Tax Day, Will Pay-Raising Dems Who "Need That Money" Pay Higher Rate?

BOSTON -- If the tax-and-spend crowd on Beacon Hill has their way, residents across the Commonwealth completing their taxes will soon be digging a little deeper into their pockets. After raising their own pay, Democrats floated proposals for new taxes on the people of Massachusetts, blocked a sales tax holiday, and urged a defeat of a plan to cut the sales tax because "we need that money," according to one legislator. But there's been no word from legislative Democrats on whether they'll voluntarily pay a higher rate, a stunning display of hypocrisy that echos Senator Warren's refusal to pay a higher rate while urging others to pay more. Continue reading

Indictment, Investigations Derail Dems' Hopes To Move On From Chaos

BOSTON -- Democrats' leadership of the Senate has led to a chamber in chaos, as the party struggles mightily to move on from months of bad headlines about the culture of corruption they've enabled. Continue reading

With Indictment, Chandler, Spilka And Dems Face Test Of Leadership

BOSTON -- Democrats desperate to move on from a months-long saga that exposed their toxic culture of corruption got more bad news yesterday. The indictment of Bryon Hefner made a clear case that abuse of power and sexual assault occurred with a shocking level of regularity within the orbit of the ex-Senate President. Now, Senate President Chandler, Senator Spilka, and fellow Democrats face a test of leadership given the disturbing details of the indictment. Continue reading