House Dems Stick It To Taxpayers Again

BOSTON -- With another budget season underway, the Democratic establishment on Beacon Hill is back to work sticking it to the taxpayers. As House Republicans fought to reduce the tax burden for working families and municipalities, Democrats once again killed amendments to promote fiscal responsibility. Continue reading

On Tax Day, Sheriff Candidate Azzato Stumbles Again, Apparently Violating Tax Law

BOSTON -- Democratic candidate for Barnstable Sheriff Randy Azzato can't seem to get out of his own way - or realize that candidates for top law enforcement jobs should probably follow the law. After stumbling out of the gate with campaign finance violations and flippant dismissals about the need to follow the law, Azzato once again finds himself facing questions about his compliance with the law - this time, the federal tax code.  Continue reading

MassGOP Announces Allocation Of National Convention Delegates

BOSTON -- Following unanimous ratification by an Allocations Committee that included representatives from the presidential campaigns, the Massachusetts Republican Party today announced the allocation of candidate-specific delegate slots for the different methods of election ahead of this summer's Republican National Convention. Continue reading

ICYMI: Governor Baker Op-Ed On Taxes: Let's Measure Government On Results, Not Tax Dollars Spent

BOSTON -- Ahead of Tax Day, Governor Charlie Baker penned an op-ed in the Lowell Sun challenging the Beacon Hill Democrats' status quo of measuring government by how much taxpayer money it spends. "Instead of simply adding up how much money state government spends, let's measure how well government delivers on its stated objectives for the dollars it collects from taxpayers," Governor Baker writes. "That would be far more aspirational than simply spending a whole lot more of someone else's money to reward and perpetuate the same old same old." Continue reading

Under Fire After Super Tuesday Debacle, President Clinton Returns To MA

BOSTON -- As the Clinton camp returns to Massachusetts after Super Tuesday (for two fundraisers), the campaign is under fire for President Clinton's role in allegedly obstructing people from voting in the Commonwealth.  Continue reading

Occupy Wall Street Embraces Sanders, Will Their Self-Proclaimed "Founder" Turn Her Back On Her Loyalists?

BOSTON -- With Occupy Wall Street wading into the messy Democratic presidential primary by backing Senator Bernie Sanders, the movement's self-proclaimed founder, Senator Elizabeth Warren, needs to decide whether she'll turn her back on her disciples: Continue reading

MassGOP Congratulates Councilor Patrick O'Connor On State Senate Primary Victory

BOSTON -- MassGOP Chairman Kirsten Hughes released the following statement regarding Weymouth Town Council President Patrick O'Connor's victory in the Republican primary for state senate in the Plymouth and Norfolk district:  Continue reading

Governor Baker, Chairman Hughes Statements On The Passing Of Barbara Anderson

BOSTON -- Governor Charlie Baker and MassGOP Chairman Kirsten Hughes released the following statements today regarding the passing of Citizens for Limited Taxation President and longtime taxpayer advocate Barbara Anderson: Continue reading

MassGOP Files Ethics Complaint Regarding Cape Senate Candidate's Apparent Use Of Public Employee As Campaign Treasurer

BOSTON -- The Massachusetts Republican Party today filed a complaint with the state Ethics Commission regarding the questionable campaign practices of the Democratic Chairman of the Brewster Board of Selectmen (and candidate for state senate) Ben deRuyter. deRuyter and his campaign's treasurer, Sarah A. Turano-Flores (who serves as the Town Counsel for the Town of Brewster), appear to be in violation of a state law which stipulates that public employees may not serve as treasurers of campaign committees. Continue reading

On ObamaCare Anniversary, Dems Push Big Government Healthcare Scheme, Ignoring Disastrous Connector Rollout

BOSTON -- Six years ago today, President Obama signed his signature healthcare initiative into law, which has led to higher premiums and more red tape across the country. Closer to home, Massachusetts Democrats' botched ObamaCare rollout over the existing, bipartisan healthcare law proved to be a disaster for hundreds of thousands of families, forcing the state to spend billions to fix the problem. Even as the new Republican Administration makes remarkable strides in fixing the Democrats' ObamaCare disaster, Democrats in the Legislature are talking about an even bigger government expansion into the healthcare system, despite the fact that it has failed in neighboring Vermont.  Continue reading