Rosenberg Complains Ethics Rules Are "Way Overreaching"

BOSTON -- Despite a scandal-plagued record for Democrats on Beacon Hill recently, Senate President Stan Rosenberg (D) last night complained that state ethics regulations are "way overreaching." Continue reading

ICYMI: Elizabeth Warren Lands On National "Pinocchios" List For 2015

BOSTON -- Even as she neglects Massachusetts by spending more and more time on the campaign trail in other states, Elizabeth Warren still manages to put the Commonwealth on the map - though not in the best of ways. Embarrassingly for Massachusetts, our senior senator saw one of her biggest lies of the year land on the Washington Post's "Biggest Pinocchios" list of 2015.  Continue reading

ICYMI: "A Nuts and Bolts Mr. Fix-It"

BOSTON -- Governor Charlie Baker has "ended up being exactly as Candidate Baker advertised: a nuts-and-bolts Mr. Fix It," according to a column in today'sBoston Globe by Meredith Warren. Warren's column praised Governor Baker for achieving fiscally responsible priorities  - like the temporary suspension of the Pacheco Law for the MBTA - despite a Democrat-controlled Legislature that has historically resisted reform. Continue reading

FACT SHEET: Dukakis's Faulty Claim That Patrick Left MA "In Pretty Darn Good Shape"

BOSTON -- Over the weekend, former Gov. Michael Dukakis sought to downplay the significant problems of Gov. Deval Patrick's administration and claimed that Patrick left Massachusetts "in pretty darn good shape." Dukakis's efforts to mask the deep problems leftover from the Patrick administration are simply not enough: the facts just do not back up his claim. Continue reading

In Boston, Clinton Unveils Plan For Multi-Billion Dollar Spending Spree To Shore Up Left Wing

BOSTON -- As Hillary Clinton lands in Boston today, she is continuing a frantic rush to the extreme left to appease left-wing activists and union bosses amid Bernie Sanders' rising support. Clinton's latest tactic is to unveil a new plan for another Washington spending spree - but her record indicates she fails to reveal just how much she plans to raise taxes for her new big-government programs.  Continue reading

Governor Charlie Baker Is The Most Popular Governor In America

BOSTON -- Governor Charlie Baker is the most popular governor in the United States, according to a new nationwide poll. Morning Consult conducted a nationwide survey of voters in all 50 states to assess their attitudes toward their governors. Governor Baker posted a 74% favorability rating, the highest of any governor in the country.   Continue reading

Editorial Slams Moulton For Politicizing Syria Refugee Issue

BOSTON -- A Lowell Sun editorial today slammed Congressman Seth Moulton for a "knee-jerk," "partisan" reaction to Governor Baker's caution on the issue of Syrian refugees.   Continue reading

Hypocrisy from Democrats: Lynch, Rosenberg Defend Gov. Baker On Refugees

BOSTON -- The hypocrisy of Massachusetts Democrats like Congressman Moulton and Chairman McGee of the MassDems on the issue of Syrian refugees came into clear focus today, as leaders in the Democratic Party came to the defense of Governor Charlie Baker. The Governor's reasonable position advising caution on the issue of refugees has found support from Democratic Congressmen Stephen Lynch Senate President Stanley Rosenberg, and House Speaker Robert DeLeo. Democratic Congressmen Richard Neal and William Keating echoed the Governor's call for caution on Massachusetts' accepting the refugees. And security experts have previously voiced concerns about the Syrian refugee screening process.   Continue reading

Bad News Brady #3: Brady Voted To Kill Substance Abuse Support In Brockton Courts

BOSTON -- Today, the MassGOP continues "Bad News Brady," a regular chronicle of the critical budget priorities that Rep. Mike Brady voted to kill earlier this year. In July, Brady took an extreme, hyperpartisan vote against the FY-2016 state budget because he stubbornly sided with special interests opposed to common-sense, bipartisan MBTA reforms. Brady was the only Representative to take the fringe position against the entire budget - and the people of his district - because he sided with special interests.  Continue reading

"A Failure Of Leadership:" Sentinel and Enterprise Blasts Dems For Failing To Back Baker's Charter Bill

BOSTON -- The Fitchburg Sentinel and Enterprise today blasted Senate Democrats - including Senators Anne Gobi, Jennifer Flanagan, and Jamie Eldridge - for hypocrisy on the issue of income inequality, because of their failure to stand up for students in underperforming school districts. These Democrats, the paper argues, "can't decide if they're for minority kids struggling in underperforming district schools or the campaign-cash-rich Massachusetts Teachers Association."  Continue reading