ICYMI: Warren's Extreme DC Tactics Leave Fellow Dems "Pissed"

BOSTON -- Sen. Elizabeth Warren's extremist attacks are creating a deep fracture within the Democratic party - and Warren's colleagues are making clear that they're upset. One incumbent Democratic Senator is "pissed" at Warren, and the Democrats' leader in the Senate confronted her in a closed door meeting, according to reports. Warren's tactics have left the party "struggling" to achieve unity as they seek to find a coherent message. Continue reading

ICYMI: "Now It's Crazy Time Again" - Lowell Sun's Lucas Recaps Dems' Recent Chaos

BOSTON -- Senate Democrats are having a hard time moving past the chaos created by two FBI investigations into their leaders' corruption, according to a new column from Peter Lucas in The Sun. The column follows last week's awkward press conference where the Senate President walked out when the questions turned to the transition of power. Continue reading

Senate Democrats' Awkward Attempt To Quell Turmoil Creates More Turmoil

BOSTON -- Desperate to move on from months of chaos as the FBI continues to investigate their leaders, Democrats' ham-handed attempt at a "unity" press conference was a complete flop. After questions turned to the awkward topic of the timing of the transition of power, the current Senate President walked out of the press conference. Continue reading

Dem Vs. Dem: Senior House Democrat Calls for AG Investigation Into Speaker DeLeo As "Anger Bubbles To The Surface" on House Floor

BOSTON -- Angry rants, accusations, and calls for investigations dominated the Democrat-run House of Representatives on Thursday, as a debate over new sexual harassment rules devolved into open chaos. With the cloud of an FBI corruption investigation already hanging over Democrats in the Senate, House Democrats took to the floor to snipe at each other, culminating with the House Dean calling for his own party's AG to investigate the Democrat House Speaker. The latest dispute comes just days after the suggestion of an ethics investigation into the actions of the Democrat Secretary of State. Continue reading

New Senate Leader, Same Tired Tax-Hiking Agenda

BOSTON -- Senate Democrats may have a new face leading them, but their tired agenda that refuses to respect taxpayers hasn't changed a bit. Senate President Chandler, who voted to raise her pay and whose new leadership team is now reaping those benefits, admitted that a proposed income tax hike won't even cover all the new spending they want. The admission that the pay-raising Democrats aren't done asking the people of MA for more money follows a Democrat state representative's urge to kill a sales tax cut because, she says, "we need that money." Continue reading

ICYMI: Berkshire Eagle: "Warren Must Resolve Debate On Heritage"

Read the Berkshire Eagle's latest editorial on Sen. Elizabeth Warren: Continue reading

MassGOP Congratulates Councilor Julie Hall On GOP Primary Victory In 2nd Bristol Special Election

BOSTON -- MassGOP Chairman Kirsten Hughes released the following statement regarding Attleboro City Councilor Julie Hall's victory in the GOP primary for the special election in the 2nd Bristol House district: Continue reading

ICYMI: "I Made You Mayor" - Galvin Goes Off The Rails With Unhinged Rant

BOSTON -- With an unhinged rant in which he implied he used his role as chief elections official for political purposes, Secretary of State William Galvin has proven he is the embodiment of the Democrats' insider culture on Beacon Hill that has led to scandal after scandal. According to the State House News Service, Galvin took the reckless step of attacking a local official for purely political reasons, at one point saying, "I made you mayor." Continue reading

"We Need That Money:" Pay-Raising Dem Rep. Urges Defeat Of Tax Cut

BOSTON -- Democrat state representative Danielle Gregoire, who voted to raise her own pay earlier this session, is offering a surprisingly candid reason for her opposition to cutting taxes: Gregoire urged liberal activists to work against a proposed sales tax cut so the pay-raising Beacon Hill Democrats have more money to spend: "I need you to fight for me, because we need that money." Continue reading

ICYMI: Mismanagement at Treasury Under Business Guru Goldberg

BOSTON -- Deb Goldberg likes to tout her business experience, but the reality for Massachusetts taxpayers is that she is running parts of the Treasurer's Office into the ground.  While she claims deep experience in "management," recent reports show trouble in at least two high-profile areas: the Alcoholic Beverages Control Commission and the Unclaimed Property Division. Continue reading