Brady's Brazen Attempt To Campaign With Taxpayer Resources

BOSTON -- State Rep. Mike Brady (D-Brockton) - a candidate for the Second Plymouth and Bristol state senate special election - was caught on tape this week attempting to improperly use state resources for his campaign. In a recent radio appearance, Brady was asked how listeners could get involved in his campaign. Brady invited to listeners to call his state house office phone to learn more about his campaign - a clear attempt to improperly use taxpayer resources for his political campaign. Continue reading

MBTA Pacheco Exemption A Victory For Taxpayers, But Some Dems Still Deny Reality

BOSTON -- After Senate Democrats capitulated to public pressure and common sense by including an exemption to the Pacheco Law in their annual budget, even more evidence has emerged that the law is a bad deal for taxpayers. But some Democrats won't let this mountain of evidence get in the way of their steadfast, backward opinions.  Continue reading

Lowell Sun On Senate Dems' Tax Hike: "Betrayal Of The Public Trust"

BOSTON -- Pressure continues to mount on Senate Democrats to drop their needlessly partisan and wrong-headed plan to defy the will of the voters and hike taxes on Massachusetts families. Today, the Lowell Sun's editorial board slammed Senate Democrats, led by Senate President Stan Rosenberg (D-Amherst), for betraying the public trust on the income tax. Continue reading

MassGOP Welcomes Hillary Clinton to Massachusetts

BOSTON -- As Hillary Clinton arrives in Massachusetts for a series of fundraisers on Cape Cod, MassGOP Chairman Kirsten Hughes issued the following statement, welcoming Clinton to the Commonwealth: Continue reading

MassGOP Statement on the Passing of State Senator Thomas Kennedy

BOSTON -- MassGOP Chairman Kirsten Hughes released the following statement regarding the passing of Brockton state senator Thomas Kennedy: Continue reading

Five Congressional Democrats from MA Vote Against MA Jobs

BOSTON -- Today, the U.S. House voted to repeal the medical device tax, a job-killing impediment to growth and innovation in Massachusetts.  The Commonwealth hosts over 400 medical device firms directly responsible for 25,000 jobs and impacting over 80,000 more in related industries.  Yet five Massachusetts Democratic congressmen voted to stand against Massachusetts workers by maintaining the medical device tax, which costs these companies over $400 million annually. MassGOP Chairman Kirsten Hughes released the following statement: Continue reading

ICYMI: Governor Baker Remains Hugely Popular

BOSTON -- Governor Charlie Baker is still massively popular among Massachusetts voters, a new poll from WBUR and MassINC Polling Group finds. With a 69% favorability rating, the Republican Governor outpaces both Senator Elizabeth Warren and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, both Democrats. Continue reading

Rosenberg Refuses To Bounce Ethically-Challenged Ally From Key Transparency Panel

BOSTON -- Yesterday, the MassGOP called on Senator Brian Joyce to step aside from a key committee that works on government transparency. Today, MassGOP Chairman Kirsten Hughes released the following statement reacting to Senate President Rosenberg's refusal to remove Joyce from the post: Continue reading

MassGOP Statement Regarding Brian Joyce's Chairmanship of Government Transparency Committee

BOSTON -- Despite serious allegations of ethics and campaign finance violations, Senator Brian Joyce (D-Milton) continues to lead a "Committee to Improve Government." MassGOP Executive Director Brian Wynne reacted with the following statement: Continue reading

Chairman Hughes Op-Ed: Back the Baker Plan to Fix The T

BOSTON -- Today's Taunton Daily Gazette includes an op-ed from Chairman Kirsten Hughes, urging legislators to pass Governor Baker's MBTA reform package, including an exemption for the MBTA from the so-called "Pacheco Law." Continue reading