MassGOP Slams Carmen's Union For Holding T Upgrades Hostage

BOSTON -- In a desperate attempt to preserve the status quo, the bosses at the Carmen's Union are making clear: they'll hold vital MBTA infrastructure upgrades hostage if Governor Baker's common-sense reforms are implemented. The union is threatening to target federal funds for the T if the reform measures are passed - even as the Governor takes decisive action to ensure those same funds are used to protect commuters from another winter catastrophe. Democrats - led by Senate President Rosenberg - continue to oppose elements of the reform package, and have stayed silent on the union's extremist tactics. Continue reading

Warren's Cheap Shots Go Too Far

BOSTON -- Elizabeth Warren's extremism has hit new heights, as her demagoguery of a prominent Obama appointee has invited a "swift and furious reaction" from Democrats. Warren's continued use of personal invective and cheap shots are under fire as her headline-grabbing crusades lose momentum.  Continue reading

ICYMI: Gov. Baker's First Months "An Exceptionally Successful Beginning"

BOSTON - Today's column by Peter Lucas praises Governor Baker as a "workhorse, not a show horse," and lauds his approach to governing: "He shows up for work, says what he means and means what he says. And he won't raise taxes. So what's not to like?" Continue reading

Dems Balk at Warren's Latest Overreach

BOSTON -- Fellow Democrats are balking at Elizabeth Warren's latest ill-informed crusade, after she stretched the truth for some quick headlines on the issue recently. Warren is demagoguing local auto-dealers and calling for a vast expansion of regulatory authority that even her fellow Democrats can't get behind. This comes on the heels of Warren earning "Four Pinocchios" from the Washington Post's fact-checkers related to a dubious claim about auto-dealer markups.  Continue reading

Warren Benefits from Banking Loopholes

BOSTON - The Boston Herald today exposed Senator Elizabeth Warren for benefiting from a loophole to avoid disclosing financial interests. The Herald also showed Warren banks with the same companies she rails against, completely at odds with her sharp campaign trail rhetoric on financial services. Below is a comparison of what Elizabeth Warren says on banking issues, verses what she actually does: Continue reading

Dems Hike Middle Class Taxes to Pay for Hollywood Handout

BOSTON - Today, Senate Democrats voted for a plan that freezes the income tax over the will of the voters, in order to pay for a special benefit for Hollywood elites. The plan stands in contrast to Governor Baker's proposal to help working families by boosting the Earned Income Tax Credit, paid for by eliminating the Film Tax Credit. Continue reading

What They're Saying: Time to Give "Proactive" Baker the "Tools he Needs" for MBTA Fix

BOSTON -- Opinion leaders and even Democratic Senators are breaking from the Senate leadership's ill-advised attempt to stand in the way of Governor Baker's bill to reform the MBTA and give the Commonwealth the transit system it deserves. Continue reading

What They're Saying: Senate Dems' MBTA Package "Weak;" Unions "Scaremongering"

BOSTON -- The Boston Herald editorial board today blasted the Senate's "weak" and "flawed" attempts to fix the broken MBTA. The paper went on to accuse the Senate of siding with political insiders over the people of Massachusetts who missed work shifts and endured nightmarish commutes during the T's collapse this winter. Continue reading

MassGOP Calls Out Senate Democrats for Lack of Leadership on MBTA

BOSTON - MassGOP Chairman Kirsten Hughes released the following statement following a move by Senate Democrats to back away from meaningful reforms for the MBTA: Continue reading

Dem vs. Dem: "Obama Slams Warren on Trade"

Obama Says Warren Playing Politics, Jockeying for '16   BOSTON - President Barack Obama didn't hold back when asked about Senator Elizabeth Warren's recent criticisms about his trade policy, calling them "ridiculous" and accusing her of political posturing ahead of 2016. Continue reading