MassGOP Statement on New Reports of Patrick Administration's Health Connector Failures

BOSTON - MassGOP Chairman Kirsten Hughes released the following statement regarding the publishing of a scathing report detailing how former Democratic Governor Deval Patrick's administration failed on the Health Connector: Continue reading

ICYMI: Elizabeth Warren Earns Four Pinocchios from Washington Post Fact Checker

BOSTON - Elizabeth Warren's demagoguing false claim that "auto dealer markups cost consumer $26 billion a year" has earned the worst possible score of misrepresentation by the Washington Post. Continue reading

ICYMI: National Journal on Charlie Baker: The Most Popular Politician in America

BOSTON - National Journal writes about Charlie Baker, "After four months in office, the Republican governor of this deeply Democratic-leaning state is cruising at high altitude." Continue reading

ICYMI: State GOP launches new Charlie Baker website

BOSTON - The MassGOP launched the new, with the goal of expanding and engaging the Governor's statewide team for the years ahead.  Continue reading

MassGOP Calls on DeLeo to Give Taxpayers Transparency in Budget Debate

BOSTON -- MassGOP Chairman Kirsten Hughes released the following statement regarding the lack of transparency in the debate about the House budget: Continue reading

ICYMI: After 100 days, Baker’s popularity historically high

BOSTON -- Charlie Baker's successful first 100 days have resulted in "astonishing" approval ratings, and he's considered the most popular governor in the country. Continue reading

Dem Vs. Dem: Democrat Disarray As Baker Earns High Praise For First 100 Days

DEM VS. DEM: The Latest on the Intra-Party Brawls Continue reading

What They'e Saying: Governor Baker "Involved, Serious and Straightforward" in First 100 Days

BOSTON -- Governor Charlie Baker's first 100 days in office are receiving praise as being "marked by determined study, evaluation, openness and bipartisanship." Continue reading

MassGOP Statement Regarding Treasurer Goldberg's Alleged Privacy Breach

BOSTON -- MassGOP Chairman Kirsten Hughes released the following statement regarding Treasurer Deb Goldberg's recent alleged unethical behavior: Continue reading

Hannah Kane Secures Victory in 11th Worcester District

BOSTON -- Republican Hannah Kane tonight secured victory in the special election for state representative in the 11th Worcester District, defeating her opponent Jason Palitsch. Continue reading