From Bad To Worse: Coakley Limping Into Convention, Struggling In Recent Polls

BOSTON – After weeks of unforced errors bringing back the nightmares of her failed 2010 race, Martha Coakley is getting even more bad news as the polls show she is losing ground to Charlie Baker statewide and apparently trailing far behind in a survey of convention delegates. Continue reading

MassGOP Releases New Web Video: ‘The Ghosts Of 2010′

BOSTON- Today, the MassGOP released a new web video entitled, “The Ghosts Of 2010,” a collection of increasingly critical media reports about Attorney General Martha Coakley’s gas tax gaffe, her fumbling campaign and her use of public funds for campaign purposes. Coakley’s recent stumbles, errors and tone deafness are resurrecting memories of Coakley’s implosion in 2010 where she blew a huge lead in the race for U.S. Senate. Continue reading

MassGOP Files OCPF Complaint Against Martha Coakley For Multiple Campaign Finance Violations

BOSTON- Today, the MassGOP filed a complaint with the Office of Campaign and Political Finance after recent reports indicate Attorney General Martha Coakley violated multiple campaign finance laws for the second time since entering the gubernatorial race.  Continue reading

Details Please, Martha

BOSTON -  The MassGOP is calling on Martha Coakley to release the details regarding her use of a state car for campaign purposes over the past three and a half years as reported by The Boston Globe. Specifically, Coakley should provide the public with: Continue reading

Coakley Hypocrisy: Says Gas Tax Revenue “Critical,” But Fails To Pay Up

BOSTON —  The Boston Globe uncovered that Coakley apparently doesn’t think it is critical enough to actually pay the tax herself. Instead, she forces taxpayers to pick up her tab at the pump. Continue reading

MassGOP Releases ‘Martha Coakley’s Ten Cent Gas Tax’ Tumblr

BOSTON – The last time the gas tax was ten cents, it was 1983 but no one has told Martha Coakley that. When asked what the current tax on gasoline was Coakley told WCVB’s On The Record it was just a dime. To show just how out of touch Martha is, the MassGOP put together a list of other things Martha could buy at 1983′s going rate. Continue reading

Republicans Expose Illegal Use of State Agency Resources

BOSTON – Today, members of the Tank the Gas Tax Ballot Initiative filed an Ethics complaint asking for an investigation of the Department of Transportation (DOT) on the heels of obtaining an email sent by a DOT employee that reads: “Please see attached. As we gear up to make our push to defeat the gas…” In addition, the email further mentions that talking points against this initiative are provided. Continue reading

MassGOP Chairman Calls On Coakley To Stop “Prolonged Battle” Against Child Advocates

BOSTON – MassGOP Chairman Kirsten Hughes today called on Attorney General Martha Coakley to stop fighting child welfare advocates in court after she flip-flopped and called for Commissioner Olga Roche’s removal. Coakley has defended Roche and continues to “wage a prolonged war” against child welfare advocates who sought significant reforms within DCF. Continue reading

Lowell Sun: House adds $27 million to budget

BOSTON — House lawmakers tacked on close to $27 million in additional spending for education and local aid on the first night of debate on a $33.8 billion fiscal 2014 budget Monday, engaging in sporadic debate, including a fiery back-and-forth over in-state tuition for undocumented immigrants. Continue reading

Feds Bust Coakley “Myth,” Grant Obamacare Extension

BOSTON - The Department of Health and Human Services has granted Massachusetts a one-year extension because of the negative impacts of Obamacare on businesses – something Attorney General Martha Coakley arrogantly dismissed as a “myth.” Continue reading