MassGOP Will File FEC Complaint Against Coakley Over Unreported Loans

BOSTON -- The Massachusetts Republican Party will file the  following complaint with the Federal Elections Commission against Attorney General Martha Coakley after reports surfaced showing Coakley’s sister and committee Treasurer, Anne Gentile, spent $15,000 to aid the campaign efforts of Martha Coakley, but the committee failed to report those funds as a loan as required by law.  Continue reading

New Years' Resolutions Worth Keeping in 2014

BOSTON—In light of another year in the books and 2014 right around the corner, here are some suggested New Years' resolutions to help certain Democrats avoid repeating the mistakes of 2013. Continue reading

NYE Bad News Dump: Coakley's Campaign Cash Scandal Growing, 2010 "Ineptness" Repeat Feared

BOSTON -- The Boston Globe reported today that Attorney General Martha Coakley is desperately trying to sweep her campaign cash catastrophe under the rug and pull a fast one on Massachusetts voters as they prepare to ring in the New Year. Unfortunately for the state's enforcer of campaign finance laws, it appears she has even more legal violations on her hands as her sister appears to have made illegal transactions in the waning days of Coakley's failed Senate race - mistakes the Boston Globe reports could revive memories of her "political ineptness" of 2010. Continue reading

Coakley Should Apologize to Victim's Family After Report Faults DA's Office that She Rushed to Defend

BOSTON-- In the wake of the death of Jennifer Martel, girlfriend of Jared Remy, Attorney General Martha Coakley rushed to the defense of the Middlesex District Attorney, calling criticism of the decision to release the defendent "utterly ridiculous." Turns out, the only thing "utterly ridiculous" was Coakley's judgment.  Yesterday, an independent investigation faulted the district attorney's office for mishandling the case. Continue reading

Video: Coakley Says "We Lost That War" On Imprisoning Criminals, Proposes Prisoner Releases And Job Training To Finance "Education Investments"

BOSTON -- Earlier this week, Attorney General Martha Coakley, the state's top law enforcement officer, said "we lost that war" in reference to imprisoning criminals. The bizarre statement for the top cop was followed by a rambling explanation that she can pay for her costly education proposals without tax hikes. She went on to say she would finance the plans by savings generated from letting criminals out of jail and offering them job training and GED programs. Continue reading

Coakley Campaign Cash Scandal Week 4

BOSTON –Attorney General Martha Coakley added another twist to her ongoing and"devastating" illegal campaign cash scandal yesterday when she fired her sister from her volunteer position as treasurer of her state account. It is unclear whether Coakley's sister is still paid to serve as treasurer of her federal account which remains "a violation of the rules of math" according to The Boston Globe. Continue reading

Jobless Have Little Reason to Give Thanks as Governor Focused on Renovations

BOSTON – As Thanksgiving approaches, about 250,000 citizens are unemployed and have little reason to give thanks, especially to Governor Patrick. With faulty unemployment and health care computer systems frustrating so many people, the Patrick Administration is preoccupied with a lavish renovation of the Governor’s Office. Continue reading

Coakley Filed Criminal Charges For $6K Violation In 2011, Now Claims Her $6K Flap Is A "Non-Story"

BOSTON --  Attorney General Martha Coakley has conveyed to reporters that she believes her alleged $6,000 misuse of funds is a non-story, skirting the issue of answering questions about her misuse of campaign dollars. However, when allegations arose surrounding Former Rep. Brian Wallace, Coakley jumped on the opportunity to make Wallace's $6,000 violation into a wide-spread story. Continue reading

Video: Coakley Still Struggling To Explain Away Campaign Cash Scandal

BOSTON- Attorney General Martha Coakley continued to struggle with her campaign cash scandal this weekend as she admitted that she "made a couple mistakes" but failed to offer any new excuses as to why the state's top cop violated the law. During a brutal interview with WBZ's Jon Keller, Coakley couldn't avoid the embarrassing issue that has plagued campaign for weeks and struggled to answer how voters can trust her with the state's budget as she can't balance her own campaign checkbook. Continue reading

Where's Martha? Top Cop Refuses Comment On New Campaign Finance Law Amid Personal Scandal

BOSTON- Attorney General Martha Coakley's campaign finance scandal is now affecting her day job - the state's authority on campaign finance violations.  Initially backing campaign finance bill (H 3719), Coakley's office yesterday refused to comment yesterday on the bill's passage in the house avoiding yet another example of 'do as I say not as I do' politicking. Continue reading