After Hefty Campaign Finance Fee, Heroux's Tenure Off To A Rocky Start

BOSTON -- After a campaign where he admitted he really didn't want to be Mayor, Democrat Paul Heroux hasn't even taken office yet, and his tenure is off to a rocky start. First, he did his best impression of former Lawrence Mayor William Lantigua when he desperately tried to hold onto his House seat - with the goal of collecting two taxpayer salaries while providing part-time service as Mayor, all to benefit his own political interests. Heroux's troubles are continuing today: He's been forced to pay a hefty fine for campaign finance violations that include improperly lending himself money from his campaign account, improperly accepting corporate contributions, and shoddy bookkeeping. Continue reading

ICYMI: Dems Silent On Joyce Cash "Designed To Conceal His Corrupt Relationship"

BOSTON -- The fallout from Friday's arrest and indictment of Sen. Brian Joyce (D) continues for Democrats. The Massachusetts Democratic Party is refusing to answer whether they will return donations mentioned in the indictment that were part of Joyce's scheme to "conceal his corrupt relationship" with a donor referenced in the indictment.  Continue reading

What They're Saying: Governor Baker’s Housing Initiative a “Step in the Right Direction” for Addressing Housing Shortage, Reducing Costs for Families

BOSTON -- Governor Baker’s Housing Choice Initiative is drawing widespread and bipartisan praise for its goal of substantially increasing housing production and supply to ease demand and reduce costs for Massachusetts’ families. With $10 million in funding incentives and new flexible tools for cities and towns, the plan will put the Commonwealth on the path to 135,000 new housing units by 2025. Continue reading

Colleague's Arrest, Indictment Caps Off Terrible Week For MA Senate Dems

BOSTON -- Senate Democrats' embattled leader stepped aside on Monday, they lost a seat in a special election on Tuesday, and a corrupt former colleague was indicted today. There's no way around it: this week couldn't have been any worse for Massachusetts Senate Democrats: Continue reading

Dean Tran Secures Victory In Worcester and Middlesex

BOSTON -- MassGOP Chairman Kirsten Hughes released the following statement congratulating Senator-elect Dean Tran (R) on his victory in the special election in the Worcester & Middlesex state senate district. Continue reading

Where Are Your Democrat Senators On Rosenberg's Leadership?

BOSTON -- There's a Democrat scandal on Beacon you know where YOUR Democrat senator is? Democrat Senators have questions to answer... Continue reading

Zephir's Hypocrisy On Wages: Husband, Campaign Chairman Paid Millions In Lawsuit For Under-Paying Workers

LEOMINSTER -- Susan Zephir, the Democrat candidate for the Worcester & Middlesex senate district, talks a big game on supporting low-wage workers. But she'd rather voters forget that the company of her husband and campaign chairman was accused by workers of systematically and intentionally underpaying and over-working employees. As the owner of United Plastics, Edward Zephir was named in a lawsuit where his company was accused of having "systemically underpaid employees...over a three-year period by denying them the overtime pay they were entitled to." The embarrasing and troubling record shows that Susan Zephir's promise to "support state policies that help low-wage workers" is purely empty rhetoric. Continue reading

Governor's "Revolutionary" Opioid Bill "Positions MA As A Significant Leader"

BOSTON -- Leaders from the addiction community and on both sides of the aisle are heralding Governor Baker's new legislation to combat the opioid crisis. The leader of a major addiction-treatment facility says, "the breadth of the proposal is stunning." And a former "drug czar" in the Obama Administration says of the proposal "again positions Massachusetts as a significant leader" in battling the addiction crisis. Continue reading

Heroux's Lantigua-Like Tactics: Part-Time Mayor Turns Back On Attleboro Taxpayers

BOSTON -- After admitting on the campaign trail he didn't really want to do the job he was asking for, Rep. Paul Heroux is beginning his tenure with unfavorable comparisons to former Lawrence mayor William Lantigua. Like Lantigua, Heroux is turning his back on his city's taxpayers by refusing to give up his seat in the Legislature - all to advance his partisan political interests. Continue reading

Pay-Hiking Dems Fail To Meet Basic Obligations

BOSTON -- When Democrat politicians hit up taxpayers for a pay hike earlier this year, reports indicated they were complaining about being "overworked," but now it seems they still can't deliver on basic responsibilities. The Commonwealth missed a key deadline for closing the books on the previous fiscal year, and according to the State House News Service, "the Legislature, which has shouldered a relatively light workload in 2017, is once again to blame." It's not even the first time the Legislature has "blown past" deadlines in the year following the pay raise - Democrats also failed to act on marijuana regulations before a key deadline this year. Continue reading