Warren & Feeney Bring Radical Agenda To Bristol & Norfolk District

ATTLEBORO -- In an 11th hour effort to help her radical ally Paul Feeney, Warren is paying a visit to the Bristol & Norfolk District to push her extreme and dangerous agenda on the people of the district. Continue reading

Democrats Continue Agenda To Put Taxpayers At Risk

BOSTON -- Democrats are continuing apace with a fiscally irresponsible agenda that's putting taxpayers in jeopardy. After a legislative session that's featured pay hikes for themselves, plans for new taxes on working families, and the cancellation of the sales tax holiday, Democrats are now determined to un-balance the budget by overriding gubernatorial vetoes that have kept spending in check. Continue reading

MassGOP Congratulates Jacob Ventura On Primary Victory In Bristol & Norfolk Special Election

BOSTON -- MassGOP Chairman Kirsten Hughes released the following statement regarding Jacob Ventura's victory in the Republican primary for the Bristol and Norfolk special state senate election. Continue reading

MA Household Incomes "Way Up" Under Governor Baker

BOSTON -- Governor Charlie Baker's pro-growth leadership and focus on economic opportunity led to a "dramatic" increase in average household income in Massachusetts last year. Notably, "the gains weren’t split by inequality or confined to those in upper income brackets." Continue reading

Pay-Hiking Dem Legislators Again Turn Backs On Fiscal Responsibility

BOSTON -- Just months after refusing to provide consumers with one single day of sales tax relief, Democrat leaders today indicated their intention to override nearly $300 million in gubernatorial budget vetoes, risking the solvency of the 2018 budget. Continue reading

Senate Prez Takes Pay Raise On Junket, Extending Dems' Vacation Back Home

BOSTON -- Despite giving themselves a massive pay raise, Senate Democrats are extending their summer break to the end of this month as the leader and chief proponent of the salary hikes, Senate President Stan Rosenberg jets to Europe for a junket. Leading Democrats argued they were underpaid and overworked in pushing through their pay raise last session in an underhanded move to hide it from voters, yet somehow the Democrats in the Senate are just fine stretching the summer break well into the fall. Continue reading

On Menendez Trial, Warren Has Questions To Answer

BOSTON -- The corruption trial for a senior Democrat US Senator is underway, and Senator Elizabeth Warren has some questions to answer. Senator Robert Menendez is facing serious corruption charges and could be forced to leave the Senate, but Warren has refused to answer important questions about campaign cash she took from Menendez and has expressed ignorance about critical aspects of the trial. Continue reading

MassGOP Seeks Dan Koh Emails Related To City Hall Leadership, Conduct

BOSTON -- The Massachusetts Republican Party today filed two public records requests with the City of Boston's Records Access Officer to obtain important email correspondence from the office of Chief of Staff Daniel Koh, a potential candidate for US Congress in the Third Congressional District. The MassGOP's requests are related to two separate issues: (1) the ongoing extortion case regarding the Mayor's office forcing a private music festival to use union labor and (2) the recent news about the sexual harassment charges levied at Felix G. Arroyo, a top mayoral aide. Continue reading

After Pay Hike, Dems Rule Out Governor's Sales Tax Holiday Plan

BOSTON -- Just months after overriding a gubernatorial veto to give themselves a massive pay hike, Beacon Hill Democrats today shut the door on Governor Baker's proposal to provide just one weekend of sales tax relief for consumers. As the State House News Service notes: "Lawmakers this session quickly passed a hefty pay package for themselves, even though state finances were questionable at the beginning of the year, too." Continue reading

ICYMI: "Setti Warren: 'Do As I Say, Not As I Do' On Immigration Enters 'Phase II'"

BOSTON -- Mayor Setti Warren attempted Friday to make sense of his recently announced opposition to a bill which would allow police to detain illegal immigrants convicted of crimes like murder after the State House News Service pointed out he was once in favor of such a move. Unfortunately for Warren, in his attempt to clear things up, he staked out more confusing positions when he said that police should "cooperate" with federal officials, despite his support for making Massachusetts a "sanctuary state," and his support of the Safe Communities Act which would prohibit police from cooperating with federal officials to detain dangerous illegal immigrants. Continue reading