Profiles in Courage: On Syrian Military Action Markey Votes "Present"

Boston- Today, the Boston Globe reports that Senator Ed Markey demonstrated his lack of leadership by voting "present" on the United States resolution for military action in Syria.


This comes after a week of demanding President Obama and Secretary of State Kerry present their plan to Congress for a vote so the U.S. can "lead on this issue." When it came time to lead today, 10 Senators voted yes, 7 Senators voted no, and Ed Markey timidly raised his hand and said "here".

"It seems Ed Markey has decided that instead of continuing to flip-flop on matters of national security, he simply won't vote." Said MassGOP Executive Director Rob Cunningham. "Massachusetts voters already have a reason to regret choosing Markey to fill John Kerry's shoes."

Senate panel backs resolution for military strikes in Syria, Markey abstains from vote

Matt Viser

WASHINGTON – A Senate panel on Wednesday afternoon voted to give President Obama the authority to use military force in Syria, giving more momentum to the White House plan to punish Syrian President Bashir Assad for allegedly using chemical weapons.

In an unexpected twist, Senator Edward J. Markey, the Massachusetts Democrat, voted “present,” choosing not to register his position on the highest-profile issue to come before him since he was sworn in.

The measure in the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations passed by a 10-to-7 vote.

The resolution, which now heads to the full Senate for a vote next week, would authorize a limited military strike against Syria. The strike could not exceed 90 days, and no American ground troops can be sent for combat missions. Markey’s decision to vote “present” meant that he did not support the cause being pushed aggressively by President Obama – and by Secretary of State John Kerry, who for nearly three decades held the Senate seat that Markey now occupies.

Markey’s aides did not immediately respond to requests for comment...

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