Rosenberg, Democrat Supporters Lose All Credibility

BOSTON -- A bombshell report from The Boston Globe has all but destroyed Senator Stan Rosenberg's dubious claim that he had no knowledge of the abuse of power by his husband, who is also accused of sexual misconduct. Democrats in the state senate will face new scrutiny over their support of Rosenberg - especially given his history of scoffing at the need for stringent ethics rules for public officials. 

"Meanwhile, the state Republican Party used the new story to attack Senate Democrats, who hold a super-majority in the chamber.

'Senator Rosenberg has lost all credibility,' said MassGOP spokesman Terry MacCormack, 'but so too have the Democrat senators who remained blindly loyal to him. . . . This fall, Democrats up and down the ballot will be held accountable for the toxic culture they have created, which tolerates this kind of abuse of power.'" -The Boston Globe


FLASHBACK: Rosenberg Called Ethics Rules For Public Officials "Way Overreaching"


A Myriad Of Democrat Senators Defended Rosenberg After The Hefner Allegations Emerged:

Sen. Harriette Chandler (D):
"'These charges are very serious and very disturbing, and I am shocked and saddened,' Chandler said. 'In order to ensure a completely impartial process, and because of these unique circumstances which involve the Office of the Senate President, we will be going to the unprecedented step of bringing in an independent special investigator.'"

"Chandler added, 'I appreciate that President Rosenberg has recused himself from playing any role in this investigation. While the Senate President will be recused in this matter, he will remain in the Office of the Senate President and retain his responsibilities for all other matters before the Senate. I look forward to working with the Minority Leader in the true spirit of bipartisanship to resolve this issue in a transparent and expeditious manner.'" -State House News Service

Sen. Michael Barrett (D): 
"While many senators were mum on their personal beliefs, pressure was also mounting from the outside on Rosenberg to relinquish his leadership post during an investigation into his husband's alleged harassment. While some senators left the door open to recommending Rosenberg step aside, Sen. Michael Barrett made a defense of the president Monday morning and a case for him to remain on the job.

"Barrett, a Lexington Democrat, called the allegations against Hefner "deeply unsettling," but defended Rosenberg who has said he did not know of his husband's behavior until the Globe report. The statement came before Rosenberg indicated he was prepared to temporarily give up the gavel.

"'As terrible as all this is, both for the apparent targets of inappropriate behavior and for the Senate itself, none of us is legally or morally responsible for the actions of our spouse unless we're aware of it and don't try to stop it,' Barrett said in a statement Monday morning." -State House News Service

Sen. Jason Lewis (D):
State Senator Jason M. Lewis, however, said he believes an investigation can be conducted fairly while Rosenberg remains in power.

"I have full confidence . . . that that investigation will provide a safe environment for anyone who has any knowledge of this matter or has been involved in any manner to come forward and share their story without any repercussions to them,” said Lewis, of Winchester, in a phone interview Sunday. -The Boston Globe

Sen. William Brownsberger (D):
"The Belmont Democrat later visited the Senate President's office to 'chat,' and afterward told the News Service that Rosenberg continues to have his support. 'I do. I think he's been a great Senate president and I think that his husband, as far as I know, has played no role in the material workings of the Senate. I don't see him around,' Brownsberger said." -State House News Service

Sen. Sonia Chang-Diaz (D): 
"... E) Chang-Diaz, Lewis, and Barrett sure look bad right about now for explicitly backing Stan remaining as president through the investigation. ..." -@dbernstein