Dem State Senate President Ignores Recent Scandals, Says Ethics Rules Are "Overreaching"

Someone needs to remind Stan Rosenberg about the last decade of Democratic corruption in Beacon Hill. Despite a scandal-plagued record for Democrats in the Legislature recently, Rosenberg, the Democratic state senate president, is complaining that state ethics regulations are "way overreaching."

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Last night in an interview with the Boston Globe, Stan Rosenberg suggested that state ethics regulations are "way overreaching." 


"Stan Rosenberg's tone-deaf comments about state ethics rules highlight the complete and total disconnect between Beacon Hill Democrats and the rest of Massachusetts," MassGOP Chairman Kirsten Hughes said in a statement. "After three felonious Democratic House Speakers and a probation scandal that destroyed public confidence in the Legislature, the people of Massachusetts deserve more accountability from their government, not less. Rosenberg's whining about ethics rules illustrates the serious dangers of one-party rule in the Legislature."

Massachusetts has had three felonious Democratic House Speakers in a row.(Steve LeBlanc, "A tale of 3 Speakers - Salvatore DiMasi, Thomas Finneran and Charles Flaherty: Is lure of power too tempting?" AP, 7/4/11)

Last year's probation scandal rocked the Beacon Hill establishment by exposing ] corruption in Democratic-controlled Legislature. "The silence illustrated the pall the trial has cast over the State House — which has long operated in a culture of patronage and loyalty — and reignited the central question of how much will change in the way business is done on Beacon Hill." (Michael Levenson, "Beacon Hill tight-lipped over probation verdict," Boston Globe, 7/25/15)

Clearly, Beacon Hill Democrats are disconnected from reality if they think the ethics laws are somehow too lax. 

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