Time For Rosenberg To Act After Subpoena In Joyce Probe Brings Senate Under Scrutiny

BOSTON -- In the latest chapter of the ongoing saga of Democrat Brian Joyce's public corruption, the state senate has received a subpoena in connection with a federal probe of Joyce's activities. With Joyce's corruption now causing the entire senate to come under scrutiny, the MassGOP is calling on Senate President Rosenberg to persuade his fellow Democrat to resign now:

"Brian Joyce's long saga of public corruption has reached new heights, with the latest developments bringing the entire state senate under scrutiny. This subpoena follows an FBI raid that already proved Joyce is simply incapable of effectively representing his constituents. Instead of complaining about 'overreaching' state ethics rules, Senate President Rosenberg should work to preserve the reputation of the body he leads by persuading his fellow Democrat to resign immediately."  -MassGOP spokesman Terry MacCormack


Senators are deeply concerned about the fact that the entire senate has been dragged into the spotlight with this subpoena over Joyce's corruption. "'This is clearly not a positive development,' said one senator who insisted on anonymity. 'To have the body as a whole pulled into this case is a problem. I serve with a great group of people who do great work on behalf of their constituents. Now we all have this cloud hanging over our work and actions.'" (Andrea Estes, Mass. Senate receives subpoena in Joyce probe, Boston Globe5/19/16)

The MassGOP called on Joyce to resign in February after an FBI raid of his office. (Release: www.massgop.com/joyce_resign)

Last year, Senate President Rosenberg said that state ethics rules were "way overreaching." (Boston Globe, "Rosenberg: ethics regulations can be overreaching," 12/16/15)