Senate Prez Takes Pay Raise On Junket, Extending Dems' Vacation Back Home

BOSTON -- Despite giving themselves a massive pay raise, Senate Democrats are extending their summer break to the end of this month as the leader and chief proponent of the salary hikes, Senate President Stan Rosenberg jets to Europe for a junket. Leading Democrats argued they were underpaid and overworked in pushing through their pay raise last session in an underhanded move to hide it from voters, yet somehow the Democrats in the Senate are just fine stretching the summer break well into the fall.

"The Senate President justified giving himself a 40% pay hike because he has so much work to do, but thanks to his all-expenses paid European junket, his fellow Democrats get an extended summer vacation," said MassGOP Executive Director Brian Wynne. "If Democrats want to even pretend that they're worthy of their recent pay bump, they'd return to Beacon Hill and act on sensible legislation filed by Governor Baker to improve public safety and battle the opioid crisis." 
The Senate President is on an all expenses paid European junket, delaying Senators' return from summer vacation. "The House plans in the coming days to resume formal sessions after a six-week summer recess, but the Senate’s recess will extend into the fall with Senate President Stanley Rosenberg out of the country on an 11-day all-expenses-paid visit to Austria and the Czech Republic." (Michael Norton, "Senate laying low while Rosenberg visits Austria, Czech Republic," State House News Service, 9/11/17)
Rosenberg justified his recent pay hike by claiming legislators worked "full time." "'When you compare our base salary, the next of that group of four (states) — and that’s not arbitrarily selected, these are full-time urban legislatures — the next lowest is $85,000...'" (Kristen Giddings, "Senate president defends pay raises: ‘I know it’s not popular,'" Boston Herald, 2/22/17)
Governor Baker has filed sensible legislation to enhance public safety and battle the opioid crisis by punishing drug dealers whose actions kill people: ICE Detainer Bill | Drug Trafficking Penalties Bill