Senate Dems Hijack Budget Process With Extreme Sanctuary State Amendment

BOSTON -- As they approach the end of a chaotic legislative session that's featured talk of new taxes, pay hikes for politicians, and corruption scandals ending in resignations and felony charges, Senate Democrats aren't backing down on their troubling behavior and betrayal of the public's trust, this time, hijacking the annual budget process with an extreme sanctuary state amendment that is all about catering to their far-left base and making Massachusetts less safe.

"Senate Democrats continue to build on their irresponsible and outrageous record this legislative session by abusing the budget process to advance extreme sanctuary state policies that would make Massachusetts and it's communities less safe," said MassGOP Chairman Kirsten Hughes. "Beacon Hill Democrats have put their radical agenda ahead of the their constituents -- and this fall, voters will be ready to deliver for Republican candidates committed to making reform, honesty and public safety a priority."



Senate Democrats' "quixotic dedication" to extreme sanctuary state policies is plunging the Senate into chaos. "The beleaguered state Senate — already reeling from a series of scandals — could be plunging into yet another minefield as one lawmaker seeks to use the budget as a backdoor resuscitation for the explosive sanctuary state issue. Eldridge’s quixotic devotion to the cause could lead battle-scarred senators through yet another round of public scrutiny and outcry. That’s what they signed on for. I just hope they’ve kept their armor on. ( Hilary Chabot, "Sen. Eldridge sanctuary budget add-on try a bad move," The Boston Herald, 5/16/2018)

Senate Republicans made a forceful case against the amendment. "'I feel badly for our body at this moment. We are being asked to vote on an amendment that won't be considered by the House, would be rejected by the governor and is not viable in this building,' Senate Minority Leader Bruce Tarr said. 'The amendment before us has internal contradictions, violates federal law, is not practical in terms of its application, and could have what I would hope would be the unintended consequence of prohibiting communication between law enforcement officials when it is in the interest of public safety. I am deeply disappointed.'" (Colin Young, "After tense debate, Senate adopts Safe Communities amendment," State House News Service, 5/24/18)