SEIU Protest Masks Job Loss Projected From Proposal, Hypocrisy On $15 Wage

BOSTON -- Today's SEIU-directed protest at the Massachusetts State House masks the fact that the union will not pay its own organizers $15/hour, and the recent reports that project massive job loss if the proposal is enacted.

"The SEIU is pushing public policies that will hurt workers, because an estimated 101,000 jobs will be lost in Massachusetts under their drastic minimum wage hike proposal. The SEIU does not even believe in its own rhetoric as it pays its 'Fight for 15' organizers less than $15/hour and will not help them unionize." -MassGOP Chairman Kirsten Hughes

Today's SEIU-directed protest is pushing an incoherent, scattered agenda. "Clergy and liberal activists assembled outside the State House on Monday, pushing a broad "moral" agenda on health care, criminal justice and immigration." (Andy Metzger, "Rally outside state house pushes 'moral' agenda," SHNS, 9/12/16)

SEIU won't pay its own organizers $15/hour. "The SEIU has hired workers across the country to protest outside businesses and restaurants, especially McDonald’s. Suffice to say they have no union and some don’t make $15 an hour, the union’s nationwide minimum-wage target." (Editorial Board, "Big Labor’s McDonald’s Defense," Wall Street Journal, 9/2/16)

Recent studies indicate the SEIU's proposal to drastically hike the minimum wage would result in over 100,000 jobs lost in Massachusetts. (James Sherk, "How $15-per-Hour Minimum Starting Wages Would Affect Each State," Heritage Foundation, 8/17/16)