Statement Regarding State Auditor's Settlement With Former Top Deputy

BOSTON -- MassGOP Chairman Kirsten Hughes released the following statement regarding the Auditor's $115,000 settlement with her former top deputy:

"It is outrageous that Massachusetts taxpayers are being forced to foot the bill to settle a lawsuit against Auditor Bump that originated with credible charges that Bump illegally used taxpayer resources in support of her reelection campaign. Auditor Bump needs to pay this settlement with her own funds, and in the meantime, the MassGOP intends to explore all legal options to hold Bump accountable for any alleged violations of state law she may have committed."
Bump Settles with Former First Deputy. "Bump confirmed to the News Service on Tuesday that she had settled the suit with her former First Deputy Auditor Laura Marlin for $115,000. Marlin stands to receive $77,000 from the settlement, while the remaining $38,000 will go towards attorney fees." (Matt Murphy and Gintautas Dumcius, "FORMER BUMP AIDE SETTLES LAWSUIT FOR $115,000," SHNS,03/10/2015).

Funds to pay the settlement come from a statewide account used to pay settlements and judgements. (Matt Murphy and Gintautas Dumcius, "FORMER BUMP AIDE SETTLES LAWSUIT FOR $115,000," SHNS, 03/10/2015).

When the lawsuit charges were first made, neither the Auditor nor her attorney denied that the state office had been used for politicking. (Jim O'Sullivan, "Former aide suing state Auditor Suzanne Bump", The Boston Globe, 08/06/2014)

MassGOP filed a public records request last Fall. "MassGOP has filed a public records request seeking the emails of State Auditor Suzanne Bump and her ex-aide, Laura Marlin, as well as Bump’s schedule and correspondence between the Auditor’s Office and Service Employees International Union Local 509. In addition, the MassGOP has filed a complaint with the State Ethics Commission, seeking an investigation into the allegation of Bump’s misuse of taxpayer resources for her political activities." (MassGOP Release, 08/07/2014)