Statewide Dems In Line For Pay Bump Find Themselves Tongue-Tied

BOSTON -- Democratic statewide officials - Attorney General Maura Healey, Treasurer Deb Goldberg, and Secretary of State William Galvin - all stand to receive a significant raise if the Democrat Legislature's effort to ram through a pay hike is successful. But the three find themselves mysteriously tounge-tied on the issue. Even Mayor Setti Warren was able to muster opposition to the pay hike - an awkward ordeal for him given that his own request for a raise was exposed in the process.

"Taxpayers deserve to know if statewide Democrats plan to take the pay raise if it happens, because they will be the ones forking over the extra money to pad these politicians' pockets. There is still a chance for Healey, Goldberg and Galvin to save taxpayers from this abuse: they can join Republicans in opposing this underhanded scheme, but judging by their silence for weeks now, taxpayers probably can't look to them to have their backs." -MassGOP Chairman Kirsten Hughes


There's been radio silence from statewide Democrats who stand to benefit from the pay hike. "Through spokespeople, Attorney General Maura Healey declined to comment on whether she would accept the raise and Treasurer Deborah Goldberg said she would decide if it became law, while Auditor Suzanne Bump said she would accept the pay hike. The auditor's salary will increase from roughly $140,000 to $165,000. A spokesman for Secretary of State William Galvin did not respond to a request for comment." (Matt Murphy, "Baker to veto pay raise," State House News Service, 1/26/17)

Mayor Warren requested a pay hike for himself as Newton Mayor. (Dierdre Fernandes, "Newton mayor seeks $27,125 pay raise," Boston Globe, 4/22/12)