Crickets From Statewide Dems On Pay Hike As Legislature Ignores Public Outcry

BOSTON - Democrats in the Legislature are poised to ignore public outcry and approve a massive pay hike for themselves and constitutional officers. And still, taxpayers have not received an explanation from AG Healey, Secretary Galvin, and Treasurer Goldberg as to whether they will join Republicans in opposing this underhanded scheme - and whether they will follow Gov. Baker's lead and reject the pay hike.

"The silence from these statewide Democrats has been deafening: Taxpayers have been waiting for weeks to see whether AG Healey, Secretary Galvin, and Treasurer Goldberg will stand with them. But it seems they'd rather duck the tough questions and allow the Legislature to go forward with this underhanded scheme that benefits them, despite public outcry." -MassGOP Chairman Kirsten Hughes


There's been radio silence from statewide Democrats who stand to benefit from the pay hike. "Through spokespeople, Attorney General Maura Healey declined to comment on whether she would accept the raise and Treasurer Deborah Goldberg said she would decide if it became law, while Auditor Suzanne Bump said she would accept the pay hike. The auditor's salary will increase from roughly $140,000 to $165,000. A spokesman for Secretary of State William Galvin did not respond to a request for comment." (Matt Murphy, "Baker to veto pay raise," State House News Service, 1/26/17)

The public outcry against the pay hike has been massive: Thousands have called Gov. Baker to support his position opposing this Democrat scheme. "'It was the single largest number of calls we've gotten on one day, on Friday,' Baker said during his monthly 'Ask the Governor' segment Monday on WGBH Radio. 'And we've gotten a lot of calls on a lot of things. I mean, keep in mind, we're the administration that had the MBTA breakdown.'" (Andy Metzger, "Baker urges pay raise foes to call legislators," SHNS, 1/3/1/17)