MassGOP Statement On Graduated Income Tax Amendment

BOSTON -- MassGOP Chairman Kirsten Hughes released the following statement after the Democrat-led Legislature advanced a massive new income tax hike in today's Constitutional Convention:

"Today's vote confirms what Senate President Rosenberg recently admitted - that Democrats are 'ever at the ready' to hike taxes on the people of Massachusetts. While Beacon Hill liberals employ lofty rhetoric, voters should see today's vote for what it really is: another attempt to raise taxes on every individual at every level to satisfy Democrats' unquenchable thirst for spending. Even after Democrats hiked taxes ten times over eight years, Governor Baker still had to close a $1.8 billion deficit, which he did without raising taxes while boosting support for our schools and communities. Democrats in the Legislature should realize we can't tax our way to prosperity." - MassGOP Chairman Kirsten Hughes


Democrats raised taxes on the people of Massachusetts 10 times during the eight years their party had unified control of state government:

Sales Tax increase, 2009: $800 million
Gas Tax Increase, 2013, $95 million
Alcoholic Beverage Sales Tax, 2009: $80 million
RMV Fee Increase, 2009: $75 million
Local Option Meals Tax, 2009: $61 million
Corporate tax increase for utilities, 2013: $49 million
Satellite TV tax, 2009: $26 million
Local Option Hotel Tax, 2009: $34 million
Local Telecom Tax, 2009: $26 million
Gas Tax Indexing, 2013, $1 billion
Sources: Massachusetts Legislature