Tough Day For Transparency In Rosenberg's Senate

BOSTON -- The Senate has barely begun to debate next year's budget, and Democratic leaders have already indicated that they aren't interested in transparency.  Earlier today, Democrats unanimously rejected a Republican proposal to increase the number of public hearings held before a tax hike could be passed.  To make matters worse, Senate leadership is also dead-set on denying the public access to viewing important aspects of the debate: removing the text of withdrawn amendments from the Legislature's website.

"With Democrats 'ever at the ready' to raise taxes on working families, it's no surprise they killed a Republican amendment requiring them to be up front with the public before they try to hike taxes. Combined with the removal of withdrawn amendments from public access, Senate Democratic leadership has clearly indicated they could care less about transparency." -MassGOP Chairman Kirsten Hughes

Senate Democratic leadership killed a Republican amendment to require a minimum of six committee meetings to discuss tax increases. (Amendment | Roll Call)

Senate leadership is removing withdrawn amendments from the Legislature's website.(Source)