About MassVictory

MassVictory is the grassroots arm of the MassGOP. We work with our volunteers and candidates across the Commonwealth to elect Republicans to all levels of government. MassVictory uses a data-driven, community-oriented approach to connect with voters across Massachusetts to bring our Commonwealth the efficient and accountable government it deserves.


MassVictory 2016: Thank You! 

In 2016, the MassVictory program consisted of 7 field offices, 15 full-time staffers and unprecedented data and technology investment, all supporting smart, conservative candidates across the Commonwealth. The 2016 Victory program represented the most significant effort in recent memory for downballot candidates in a year without a statewide Massachusetts election on the ballot. That commitment to our grassroots led to the most successful presidential election cycle in over 30 years: every Republican legislator was re-elected and we increased the size of the GOP caucus. Thank you to all our candidates, activists, and volunteers who made this victory possible!



MassVictory is powered by PinPoint, our state-of-the-art voter database that helps you reach the right voters in your district. If you are a candidate or campaign worker who would like to gain access to the database, please fill out the form below. Someone from our team will be in touch shortly.
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Note: Please review our data user agreement, available here.