Video: Martha Coakley Says Campaign Finances Are "An Open Book" Yet Resists Calls From Media To Open Books

BOSTON- Dogged by questions from Democratic activists and now The Boston Globe over her shady finances, Martha Coakley has still not addressed the media or disclosed the details of suspicious expenditures, but claims her campaign finances are "an open book." This weekend, The Boston Globe  called on Coakley to come clean and address these serious allegations. The MassGOP previously called on Coakley to release the details of expenditures totaling $35,000 made to fundraising consultant, NGP-Van - expenditures that according to reports may be a serious violation of the law.

Video: Coakley Says Her Finances Are "An Open Book." Coakley: "I know that in the middle of a campaign everything is fair game. Everything around every campaign is an open book." Video available here. (Remarks at Milford Democratic committee meeting 11/4/13)

"If Coakley's finances really are an open book as she claims, then she should heed calls from the media and release the details of her campaign's $35,000 expenditure to a fundraising consultant that is at the center of this scandal," said Kirsten Hughes, MassGOP Chairman. "She made a promise and the media is looking for answers. Now it is time for the state's top cop to keep her word and truly open the books on her shady campaign finances."


The Boston Globe Called On Coakley To Stop Hiding And Address Allegations She Violated Federal And State Campaign Finance Laws. "More immediately, Coakley needs to restore public confidence. That means stepping out from behind her campaign spokesman and answering a full range of questions." (Editorial Staff, "Tangled campaign fund presents a test of Coakley’s leadership," The Boston Globe, 11/9/13)According To Reports, It Appears Coakley Violated The Law By Spending Federal Money On Fundraising Database Work To Benefit Her Campaign For State Office. "On top of that, Coakley also spent $35,000 from her federal fund — a huge amount for a scarcely active account — on software that helps to maintain a candidate’s fund-raising and volunteer database and to file quarterly financial reports to the Federal Election Commission." (Frank Philips, "Martha Coakley’s campaign funds in disarray," The Boston Globe, 11/4/13)

The MassGOP Called On Coakley To Release Information Surrounding The $35,000 Payment To MGP-Van, A Democratic Fundraising Consultant. (Frank Philips, "Republican party wants special investigation of Coakley," The Boston Globe, 11/4/13)