VIDEO: What They’re Saying About Coakley’s "Bad Day"

Boston- Attorney General Martha Coakley is under fire and some are questioning if she really is tough on crime after recommending only as little as five years in jail for a suspect in the drug lab scandal. Fox 25's Jim Polito ripped the decision days ago and her Democratic opponent, State Treasurer Steve Grossman also seized on the news to blast AG Coakley: 


TRANSCRIPT: Jim Polito Fox 25: Bad day for this woman. Attorney General Martha Coakley, Democratic Candidate for Governor. She is offering a sentence of only five to seven years for disgraced state chemist Annie Dookhan if she pleads guilty. Polito: Five to Seven for a woman for who destroyed the integrity of the state’s criminal justice system, her tampering with drug evidence has already caused prisoners to be released, convictions overturned, cases thrown out of court, cost to taxpayers already $30 million, some estimates up to $300 Million, and she expects to be elected Governor!? Sharman Sacchetti, Fox 25: Steve Grossman is running for Governor on the Democratic ticket against Attorney General Martha Coakley he tells us the proposed sentence of five to seven years that Coakley’s office is seeking for disgraced state chemist Annie Dookhan, if she pleads guilty in the drug lab scandal, well that the punishment may not fit the crime. Is that enough? Polito: Would she be tough on crime? Doesn’t look that way to me State Treasurer Steve Grossman: I just know what makes good common sense. I don’t think this is what makes good common sense for the people of this commonwealth. Sharman: How come? Grossman: Because 300 people have already been let out of jail, 1,100 cases have already been dismissed, could affect 40,000 people in the criminal justice system, one person has already been shot and killed by somebody who’s let out of jail, I don’t think it’s an appropriate deterrence so I think it should be far stronger, look, we’re in the business of protecting the people of this commonwealth, I don’t think a sentence like that comes close to doing that. Polito: Would she be tough on crime? Doesn’t look that way to me Polito: Let’s figure it out, five to seven years, let’s cut the difference, six years, well six years works out to 2190 days. So already we know that 300 people have been released from jail. 7.3 she does 7.3 days for each one of those people, and there’s still a bit of me that says nobody in the state wants to go to trial, they just want it to go away. I don’t see the AG in there arguing for it. Polito: Would she be tough on crime? Doesn’t look that way to me