Warren's About-Face On Angry Facebook Rant Reveals Her Strategy: "Strike First, Ask Questions Later"

BOSTON - Sen. Elizabeth Warren has reversed course on her angry Facebook rant that attacked one of her own supporters in a factually inaccurate way. Warren was forced to take back her attacks on Whitney Tilson, less than a day after she doubled down on the criticism, opting to only remove one word from the post. Facing increasing blowback, she finally relented late Wednesday.

"Senator Warren's about-face on her angry, factually-inaccurate Facebook rant is just another example of her 'strike first, ask questions later' mentality. Following her flip-flopping on the tainted Thornton Law money and her efforts to block the Cures Act, Warren is proving she's not up to the task of providing thoughtful, fact-based leadership for the people of Massachusetts."  -MassGOP Chairman Kirsten Hughes

From Senator Warren, a regret
By Yvonne Abraham

Elizabeth Warren is still mad as hell at the Wall Street takeover of the next White House. But she’s also a little mad at herself.

That Facebook excoriation of hedge fund manager Whitney Tilson? She shouldn’t have done it, the US senator said Wednesday afternoon, and she planned to call Tilson to tell him that.

“I think I took it too far,” Warren said in an interview.

After we spoke, she removed the post, which called Tilson “thrilled by Donald Trump’s economic team of Wall Street insiders,” and warned that “The next four years are going to be a bonanza for the Whitney Tilsons of the world.”

The problem was, Whitney Tilson isn’t that kind of guy. While he is relieved Trump isn’t putting lunatics in charge of the financial system, Tilson is a vehement critic of the president-elect, and a huge fan of Warren.

Senator Elizabeth Warren’s condemnation of a longtime Democratic supporter has caused some confusion — from the supporter himself.

Warren sees that now.

“There are many things I agree with Whitney on, and I wish my tone had been less heated,” she said.

Heated it was. The whole thing began when Tilson was quoted in a Bloomberg article on how President-elect Donald Trump was stacking his administration with the brand of bankers and fat-cats the candidate had decried on the campaign trail. Trump had “conned” voters, Tilson said, by actually appointing some experienced and knowledgeable Wall Street insiders. And Tilson took some pleasure — “glee,” he said — in voters’ anger at that. 

But you didn’t have to read very far into the article to learn that Tilson wasn’t just another shameless rich guy... 

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