Warren's Overzealous Bullying Of Economist Is 'McCarthyism Of The Left,' 'Intellectual Purge'

BOSTON -- Elizabeth Warren's extreme tactics apparently know no bounds. Her recent character assassination on a liberal economist has been dubbed "McCarthyism of the left" and even fellow Democrats are saying she's gone too far.
Unable to counter a left-wing economist's claim about a costly new regulation, Warren resorted to her hyperpartisan, extreme playbook, "bullying" the scholar into resigning. According to the Wall Street Journal, "more than two months after the hearing, still unable to rebut Mr. Litan’s economics, she has attempted an assassination of his character." Democrats clearly have heartburn over Warren's overzealous tactics: A fellow liberal called it "McCarthyism of the left."

"Elizabeth Warren's overzealous, rabid bullying of even left-wing economists reveals how extreme and radical she really is," said MassGOP Chairman Kirsten Hughes. "Democrats are questioning whether the turmoil that Warren creates within her own party is worth the excitement she generates from the fringe elements of the left. Regardless, her tactics reflect poorly on Massachusetts and the people she was elected to represent."

Elizabeth Warren Forced a Left-Wing Economist To Step Down After She Didn't Like His Analysis Of A New Costly Obama Administration Rule
"Ms. Warren likes the Labor plan because it provides more work for bureaucrats and trial lawyers. So more than two months after the hearing, still unable to rebut Mr. Litan’s economics, she has attempted an assassination of his character. In a letter to Brookings President Strobe Talbott, Ms. Warren accused Mr. Litan of, among other things, 'vague' disclosure regarding the funding of his research."

"Vague? Here’s the note about funding that appears on the first page of his prepared testimony, which is available on the Senate website: 'The study was supported by the Capital Group, one of the largest mutual fund asset managers in the United States.' Did Ms. Warren provide that much clarity in describing her own corporate legal clients prior to her 2012 election?"
Liberals Feel Warren Has Gone Too Far, Calling Her Tactics "McCarthyism Of The Left"

"'This is McCarthyism of the left,' said Hal Singer, a senior fellow at the Progressive Policy Institute and co-author of the research Warren criticized. 'What Warren is doing is suppressing scholars [who] speak independently through her threats.'
"The view that Warren went too far “is shared by a lot of people,” said Everett Ehrlich, who served in the Clinton administration as undersecretary of commerce for economic affairs. 'For researchers and people who write policy papers, it really looks like [Brookings] caved in the face of bullying.'”

(Patrick Temple-West, "Backlash to Warren’s think-tank attack: 'McCarthyism’ from the left," Politico, 9/30/15)