Elizabeth Warren Manages to Dodge Every Single Question in CBS Interview

BOSTON -- After watching the evasive way that Elizabeth Warren dodged every single question in today's CBS This Morning interview, you might wonder exactly why she agreed to take the interview in the first place, if she never intended to provide the American people with answers to journalists' questions. 

Elizabeth Warren Manages to Dodge Every Single Question in CBS Interview
By Alex Griswold

This might be a new record; Democratic Senator Elizabeth Warren somehow managed to dodge, dive, dip, duck, and dodge every single question in a five-minute interview with CBS This Morning Thursday.

The heart of the problem was that the two topics of conversation pitted the Democratic establishment against its grassroots: Barack Obama‘s endorsement of a more moderate Merrick Garland to the Supreme Court instead of a strong liberal or a minority, and Hillary Clinton‘s battle with Bernie Sanders in the Democratic primary. When asked to take sides, Warren chose… well, neither.

“Are you enthusiastic in your support of Judge Garland?” host Charlie Rose asked.

“You know, the way I think of this, filling a Supreme Court vacancy is one of the most solemn tasks undertaken by this government,” Warren said, continuing on to give an answer that chastised Republicans, but in no way alluded to whether she supported Garland.

“With respect Senator, the question I asked was will you support Judge Garland?” Rose tried again.

But Warren again demurred.“That’s the whole point right now, is that we want Judge Garland to come over,” she said. “I want to meet with him, I want to look at his credentials. I want to see him perform in a hearing, and then I want to be able to have a vote on him.”

“But Senator, the Republicans are now pointing to Joe Biden‘s comments back in 1992 when he said a nomination should not be put forward in an election year,” host Gayle King noted. “So why is this different this time in 2016?”

Warren ignored the Biden comments. “Let’s be clear, just go back and look at the history. Every single Supreme Court nominee to a vacant position has had its hearing and a vote.”
From there the conversation shifted to the 2016 race, but once again getting Warren to answer a question was like pulling teeth. “All of your female Democratic senators have endorsed Senator Hillary Clinton. You have not yet made an endorsement. Will you do it before the convention?” asked host Norah O’Donnell.

“I don’t have a timeline for this,” she responded. “But I gotta tell you, watching what has been going on the Democratic side really makes me prouder to be a Democrat. We’ve been out there talking about the issues.”
“What will it take for you to make an endorsement of either candidate?” King asked.

“I don’t have a timeline,” Warren said again.

“What more do you need to hear?” King pressed.

“What I’m glad to see is what is happening right now, and that is that the Democrats are out talking about the issues,” Warren replied. “I think it makes it very distinct what happens between our side and what is happening over on the other side.”
Rose — bless him — tried one last time to get Warren to answer a question. “Is it moving to the left?” he asked.

“I think what it is is moving to where America is,” she replied.

For those keeping track at home, that was eleven dodged or deflected questions in a row.

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