POLL: Warren's Stock Sinks: Negatives Climb To 6th Highest In America

BOSTON -- A new Morning Consult poll shows that Sen. Elizabeth Warren's stock is dropping fast among voters, as they grow sick of her hyperpartisan, obstructionist tactics. Warren's disapproval rating climbed 11 points since last year, to 38%. Among all US Senators, Warren is tied for the 6th highest disapproval rating among home-state voters.

"Massachusetts voters have spent the last few months watching Senator Warren vote against home-state interests like more funding for the opioid crisis; and engage in the partisan grandstanding that's typical of DC insiders. So it's not a shock that this latest poll shows her constituents are getting tired of her act." -MassGOP Chairman Kirsten Hughes


  Warren's Negatives Climb, Disapproval Rating Is 6th Highest In America

Warren has a 38% disapproval rating. "Sen. Elizabeth Warren (Mass.), who spent the 2016 cycle as a chief antagonist to Donald Trump, has the highest disapproval among a list of possible 2020 Democratic candidates. In Massachusetts, 38 percent of voters disapprove of her ahead of her re-election next fall, while 56 percent approve. (Eli Yokley, "Where Trump’s Possible 2020 Challengers Stand With Voters at Home," Morning Consult, 4/11/17)

Warren's negatives have climbed 11 points since last year. "Fifty-six percent of respondents in the survey approved of Warren’s job performance, while 38 percent disapproved of it. That’s a dip from a Morning Consult survey taken in April 2016, when 61 percent of voters approved of Warren’s performance, while 27 disapproved." (James Pindell, "Poll shows Charlie Baker is the most popular governor in America. Again," Boston Globe, 4/11/17)

Warren's high negatives have her tied for the 6th highest disapproval rating in the country. ("America's most and least popular senators," Morning Consult, 4/11/17)