Elizabeth Warren's Worst Kept Secret: Leaving Massachusetts Behind to Run for President

BOSTON -- Over the weekend, Senator Elizabeth Warren made it abundantly clear that she will "take a hard look" at a run for president in 2020, confirming a worst-kept secret that she is using her U.S. Senate seat as a stepping stone for higher office, and abandoning her constituents here at home. Massachusetts' voters aren't having it according to a recent poll from Suffolk University indicating they do not favor the far-left senator as a presidential prospect.

“Senator Warren has acknowledged a reality that Massachusetts voters have seen for a long time - she’s simply not interested in helping move Massachusetts forward, but is instead using her position to advance her personal, political ambitions. Voters have made clear they want a senator who works collaboratively to advance Massachusetts' priorities -- not abuse their trust to ultimately abandon them in a run for higher office."


Massachusetts Voters Don't Support Warren's Political Ambitions: "Only 32 percent of those surveyed said Warren should run. That’s about the same level of enthusiasm generated by former senator John Kerry. He got the support of 33 percent of voters — and, unlike Warren, he isn’t on anyone’s short list for strongest possible challengers to President Trump," (Victoria McGane & James Pindell, "Elizabeth Warren for president? New survey shows Mass. voters don’t love that idea," Boston Globe, 09/20/18)