Warren Turns Back On MA With "Shadow Campaign" For Higher Office

BOSTON -- Elizabeth Warren has demonstrated time and again that she's just not interested in advocating for the voters of Massachusetts. Last year, she shockingly opposed millions in more funding to help Massachusetts combat the opioid crisis. And her reckless comments about law enforcement drew a sharp rebuke from the Commonwealth's law enforcement community, demonstrating just how out of touch she's become with her constituents.

As the fall campaign begins, The Boston Globe reports that Warren is now facing intense scrutiny about her loyalty to Massachusetts - and it's becoming blindingly obvious she's turning her back on her constituents in favor of national political ambitions.


Warren's "Shadow Campaign" Demonstrates Her Focus Is Not On MA

"Elizabeth Warren says — and then says it again — that she’s focused on winning a second term in the Senate. But while she glad-hands in Plymouth and Pittsfield, Warren is also running a shadow national campaign that has all the appearances of a future presidential run."


Long List Of Warren's Nationally-Oriented Moves Raises Eyebrows

"As for plans beyond Massachusetts, Warren has said repeatedly that she’s focused on her reelection and is not running for president. But her national moves indicate otherwise: Warren has been fund-raising for candidates across the country, including in key primary states, and she’s engaged in deliberate outreach to the party’s key constituencies like African-American voters. Two of her aides recently decamped to the Democratic Party in New Hampshire, home of the first-in-the-nation primary, and she recently started warming up to the national press corps by offering more access."

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Observers: Warren's National Focus Means Tough Road Ahead

"Warren 'is in for a lot of flak' said Peter N. Ubertaccio, a political science professor at Stonehill College."