With Shutdown Vote, Warren Fails To Fund CHIP, A Move She Said Would "Put Children's Health At Risk"

BOSTON -- In a stunning reversal, Senator Elizabeth Warren voted tonight to shut down the federal government, and to block a long-term plan that funds the Children's Health Insurance Plan (CHIP). Warren has previously said that not funding CHIP would "put children's health at risk." Warren has also called shutting down the government "staggeringly irresponsible."

"Senator Warren is proving she has nothing to offer other than hollow rhetoric when it comes to funding children's health insurance and preventing government shutdowns," said MassGOP Chairman Kirsten Hughes. "Her stunning reversal from her previous comments on funding CHIP and preventing a shutdown shows that she's just concerned with scoring political points ahead of 2020, nothing more."


Warren Has Said "We Shouldn't Wait Any Longer" And That Not Funding CHIP Is A "Putting Children's Lives At Risk"

Warren has said that Congress not funding CHIP is "putting children's health at risk." (@SenWarren, Tweet, 10/22/17)

Warren said "we shouldn't wait any longer" and urged that CHIP be funded. SEN. ELIZABETH WARREN: "We shouldn't wait any longer to make sure that children, community health centers and new mothers have access to the health care programs that they need." (Warren Floor Speech, 10/25/17)

Warren Decried Government Shutdowns As "Staggeringly Irresponsible" And "Anarchy"

When asked about a potential shutdown, Warren said government shutdowns are "staggeringly irresponsible." SEN. ELIZABETH WARREN (D-MA): "It is staggeringly irresponsible to say, Let's just shut down the government. In fact, it was the threat of shutting down the government, the fact that the Republicans would own it since they have the White House, they have the Senate, they have the House of Representatives, that drove Congress towards cutting this budget deal that we're going to sign off on this week." (MSNBC, "Hardball With Chris Matthews," 5/2/17)

Warren said a shutdown would cost the U.S. "literally billions, even trillions of dollars." SEN. ELIZABETH WARREN (D-MA): "You know, and that's the thing. When the government is shut down, it costs this country literally billions, even trillions of dollars. We miss out on all kinds of contracts. We shut things down that mean that tourists can't come. It's everywhere." (MSNBC, "Hardball With Chris Matthews," 5/2/17)

Warren said that shutdowns are "anarchy." (The Week, "Elizabeth Warren in 2013: Government shutdown is 'anarchy.' Elizabeth Warren in 2014: Shut down the government!," 12/12/14)