Warren Panders To National Far-Left Activists With Single Payer Flip-Flop-Flip

BOSTON -- Sen. Elizabeth Warren's campaign to appease national far-left activists has her completing a "flip-flop-flip" on single-payer, with an eye toward advancing her political ambitions. Warren's comments embracing single-payer at a Friday town hall in Framingham are the latest sign she's laser-focused on burnishing her profile among the left-wing base with flashy headlines, instead of representing Massachusetts.

"With this latest flip-flop on single-payer, Sen. Warren is demonstrating more clearly than ever that she's more focused on appeasing national liberal activists than advancing the interests of the Commonwealth. As she continues to adjust her positions based on which way the political winds are blowing, it will be increasingly obvious to Massachusetts voters that she's simply not interested in serving them." -MassGOP Chairman Kirsten Hughes


Warren's Splashy Single Payer Stance Targets Sanders Crowd, Represents "Flip-Flop-Flip"


Via POLITICO Massachusetts Playbook...

OTHER HEALTH CARE THING THAT HAS BEEN BLOWING UP ON MY TIMELINE -- Sen. Elizabeth Warren made some Bernie Sanders supporters very happy on Friday night by saying she supports more “progressive health care options like single-payer” in response to a constituent’s question at her Framingham town hall (which felt more like a campaign rally full of supporters rather than a constructive town hall with any sort of lukewarm or critical constituents).

-- What it means: It’s a zesty show of support from Warren, who knows one comment from her either way will get picked up and go viral, but largely decorative. In her follow-up clarifications on supporting more progressive options, she didn't specifically call out single payer as the best health care option on the table, but weighs it more as an option worth considering “if we tear this thing down and start over again,” Warren said at an avail following her Friday town hall. If Warren mentions single-payer on the stump without audience prompting or starts championing it down in D.C., or gives a clear timeline of when she wants to see something happen, then we’ll really be in business.

-- Some Republicans with long-term memories call the comments a "flip-flop-flip" for Warren -- who was for single-payer, then against, and now is moving back to supporting it. (Lauren Dezenski, "POLITICO Massachusetts Playbook," 3/27/17)