ICYMI: Warren's Single Payer Flip-Flop-Flip

BOSTON -- Senator Elizabeth Warren's acknowledgement yesterday that she's lurched to the left by supporting single payer health care completes her flip-flop-flip on the issue - given that in 2012, she opposed the idea after previously supporting it.

"With her transparent flip-flop-flip on single payer, Senator Warren is proving she's spending more time posturing herself on the extreme left ahead of 2020 than actually delivering solutions for Massachusetts. Voters want a Senator they can trust, not a politician who backs a costly, government run healthcare plan that would require massive new taxes on working families - all because it benefits her politically." -MassGOP Chairman Kirsten Hughes


Warren came out in support of single-payer healthcare yesterday. "Senator Elizabeth Warren, in a more stringent stance than she’s previously held, is telling fellow Democrats that rebuffing rollbacks to President Obama’s signature health care law is no longer enough. Warren is urging Democrats to campaign on a single-payer system for the midterm elections in 2018. (Christina Prignano, "In new health care stance, Warren says Obamacare isn’t enough," Boston Globe, 6/27/17)

In 2012, Warren opposed single-payer, after previously supporting it.


"BRAUDE: If you were the tsarina, something like single-payer, government run health care, far lower administrative costs, that sort of thing, would be the Senator Warren prescription, would it not?

WARREN: I think right now what we have to do--I’m serious about this--I think you’ve got to stay with what’s possible. And I think what we’re doing–and look at the dust-up around this–we really need to consolidate our gains around what we’ve got on the table.

BRAUDE: But you do support single-payer, do you not?

WARREN: No, what I’ve got right now…" (VIDEO)