Warren's "Lagging" Numbers Lead To Weakness At Home As She Eyes National Spotlight

BOSTON -- As Senator Warren further alienates herself from Massachusetts voters by pursuing national ambitions, a new report in The Boston Globe examines her feeble support and absentee status at home. The Globe reports on Warren's "lagging favorability ratings," and warning signs as she faces re-election while trying to position herself ahead of 2020.

"Senator Warren has abandoned the people of Massachusetts - from her vote against the 21st Century Cures Act, which provided new opioid funding for the Commonwealth, to her hyper-partisan vote to shut down the government and de-fund children's health insurance," said MassGOP Chairman Kirsten Hughes. "As she panders to national far-left activists, she risks further alienating Massachusetts voters who are sick of her putting her own ambitions ahead of the needs of our state. Meanwhile, Republicans are energized by a strong field of talented candidates for the US Senate who are ready to challenge Sen. Warren's failed record and are ready to serve as a strong advocate for the people of the Commonwealth."

Warren's Weak Status Stands In Stark Contrast To Her Fellow Far Left-Dem, Sanders

"For Sanders, who only officially announced he was seeking reelection on Monday, the overriding focus is how he will run for president again in 2020. For Warren, the focus is back at home in Massachusetts, where she has lagging favorability ratings and, for all of her bluster, has only won a single election." (James Pindell, "Warren, Sanders have different focus for the same 2018 goals," The Boston Globe, 5/23/18)

"Credible" GOP Field Against Warren Presents A Threat

"Compare that to the situation Warren finds herself in amid her first reelection bid. While polls show her with large leads over her three potential Republican opponents, each of them is funded well enough to run a credible campaign. In addition, Warren is expected to get pounded later this year by super-PAC-funded television ads intended to scuff up the senator before she thinks about challenging President Trump in 2020. (James Pindell, "Warren, Sanders have different focus for the same 2018 goals," The Boston Globe, 5/23/18)