Dem State Senate President Ignores Recent Scandals, Says Ethics Rules Are "Overreaching"

Someone needs to remind Stan Rosenberg about the last decade of Democratic corruption in Beacon Hill. Despite a scandal-plagued record for Democrats in the Legislature recently, Rosenberg, the Democratic state senate president, is complaining that state ethics regulations are "way overreaching." Continue reading

"Pretty Darn Good Shape?" The Real Patrick Record

It's understandable that former Gov. Michael Dukakis is trying to downplay the significant problems of the administration of his fellow Democrat, Gov. Deval Patrick. He recently claimed that Patrick left Massachusetts "in pretty darn good shape." Dukakis's efforts to mask the deep problems leftover from the Patrick administration are simply not enough: the facts just do not back up his claim.   Continue reading

Senate Dems Blasted For Failing Students

A Lowell Sun / Fitchburg Sentinel editorial is blasting Senate Democrats - including Senators Anne Gobi, Jennifer Flanagan, and Jamie Eldridge - for hypocrisy on the issue of income inequality, because of their failure to stand up for students in underperforming school districts. These Democrats, the paper argues, "can't decide if they're for minority kids struggling in underperforming district schools or the campaign-cash-rich Massachusetts Teachers Association."  >>>Click here to help the MassGOP hold Democrats accountable in 2016<<< Continue reading

Cadillac Tax To Hit MA Families Hard, But Mass Dems Cheer On Obamacare

BOSTON -- As President Barack Obama descends on the Bay State to join union bosses and Democratic politicians at the annual Labor Day Breakfast, a key element of Obamacare is poised to hurt most Massachusetts families, including those in union households. Obamacare's "Cadillac Tax" on "high-cost" health insurance plans will take effect in 2018, and will force Massachusetts working families to pay thousands of dollars a year in new taxes: over $50,000 over ten years for the average police officer, for example. MassGOP Chairman Kirsten Hughes released the following statement: Continue reading

A Mockery of the Legal Process: Healey Endorses Clinton

Attorney General Maura Healey is wading into the presidential race, backing scandal-plagued former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, despite an ongoing FBI probe into Clinton's potentially criminal mishandling of classified material when she used a secret email server in her home.  Continue reading

5 Mass Democrat Congressmen Vote to Kill MA Jobs

Last week, the U.S. House voted to repeal the medical device tax, a job-killing impediment to growth and innovation in Massachusetts.  The Commonwealth hosts over 400 medical device firms directly responsible for 25,000 jobs and impacting over 80,000 more in related industries.  Yet five Massachusetts Democratic congressmen voted to stand against Massachusetts workers by maintaining the medical device tax, which costs these companies over $400 million annually.  Continue reading

Amazing: Ethically Challenged Dem Still Leading Government Transparency Commitee

Despite serious allegations of ethics and campaign finance violations, Senator Brian Joyce (D-Milton) continues to lead a "Committee to Improve Government." Continue reading

Dems Balk At Warren's Latest Waste-Of-Time Crusade

Fellow Democrats are balking at Elizabeth Warren's latest ill-informed crusade, after she stretched the truth for some quick headlines on the issue recently. Warren is demagoguing local auto-dealers and calling for a vast expansion of regulatory authority that even her fellow Democrats can't get behind. This comes on the heels of Warren earning "Four Pinocchios" from the Washington Post's fact-checkers related to a dubious claim about auto-dealer markups.  Continue reading

Warren's Hypocrisy: Benefitting From Banking Loopholes

The Boston Herald today exposed Senator Elizabeth Warren for benefiting from a loophole to avoid disclosing financial interests. The Herald also showed Warren banks with the same companies she rails against, completely at odds with her sharp campaign trail rhetoric on financial services. The MassGOP put together a helpful comparison of what Elizabeth Warren says on banking issues, verses what she actually does. Continue reading

Democrats Splinter As Baker's Plan to Fix the T Gains Steam

BOSTON -- Governor Charlie Baker has introduced a plan to deliver a reliable and accountable MBTA that delivers for the people of the Commonwealth. Leaders in both parties are ready to support the Governor's plan. Continue reading