Tone Deaf Patrick Still Doesn't Get It On The Health Connector

Tone-deaf former Governor Deval Patrick still doesn't get it: the failure of his administration to deliver a working website for the Health Connector had serious, real world consequences for Massachusetts' families.  Continue reading

Elizabeth Warren Earns 4 Pinocchios from Washington Post Fact Checker

Elizabeth Warren's demagoguing false claim that "auto dealer markups cost consumer $26 billion a year" has earned the worst possible score of misrepresentation by the Washington Post. Continue reading

Democrat Majority Blocks Public From Budget Debate

House Speaker Robert DeLeo has completely shut the public out from viewing the debate for next year's budget, depriving taxpayers from the chance to see how the House intends to spend their money. Continue reading

Treasurer Goldberg Plays Fast and Loose with Applicant Privacy

Yet another Democrat has been caught playing fast and loose with ethics rules - Treasurer Deb Goldberg has allegedly breached a potential employee's privacy, in order to benefit a private nonprofit she's affiliated with.  Continue reading

Bump Settles with Top Deputy

After a long, election-year controversy in which Auditor Bump allegedly used public resources to support her reelection campaign, the taxpayers are once again on the hook for her political dealings now that she has settled with her former top deputy. Continue reading

Brian Joyce's Shady Kickback

Senator Brian Joyce (D-Milton) may have received an unethical discount for gifts - specifically sunglasses - that he purchased for his colleagues. Continue reading