What They're Saying: Gov. Baker’s First Budget Lives Up To Campaign Promises

BOSTON - Gov. Baker's first budget has been receiving high praise as a "strong performance," and a "realistic spending document." 

The Boston Globe's Scot Lehigh: "Baker seems to have delivered on what he promised: A budget that is balanced without either new taxes or serious cuts to core services...Overall, this was a strong performance by the new governor and his team."(Scot Lehigh, "Charlie Baker’s solid budget (with caveats)," Boston Globe, 3/5/15)

Sentinel & Enterprise: “Gov. Charlie Baker's first budget lived up to his campaign promise to increase local aid without raising taxes or fees...Overall, Baker's budget presents a realistic spending document that lawmakers will now review over the next several weeks before producing a compromise version for the governor's review." (Editorial Board, "Baker's first budget makes a lot of sense," Sentinel and Enterprise, 3/10/15).

Fall River Herald-News: "But with less than two months in office, Baker is wise not to propose sweeping changes in his budget that might appear half-baked and be soon forgotten. Instead, he has submitted a spending blueprint that keeps his campaign promises and gives leaders of the House and Senate a starting point as they begin work on budget proposals of their own." (Editorial Board, "Our View: Baker's first budget looks like a solid foundation," Fall River Herald-News, 3/9/15).

Bay State Banner: "The governor also chose to highlight some investments in his 'Urban Agenda,' a campaign term he used to describe the collection of education, housing, public safety, incarceration and economic development policies that concern urban communities of color." (Eliza Dewey, "Baker budget seeks to ‘right size’ gov’t," Bay State Banner, 3/11/15)

West Springfield Mayor Edward Sullivan: "Governor Baker kept his promise of addressing local aid concerns and funding." (Brian Steele, "West Springfield Mayor Edward Sullivan pleased with proposed local aid boost," Springfield Republican,3/10/15)