What They Are Saying: Governor's Sky-High Approvals Are Nation's Strongest

BOSTON -- A new Morning Consult poll shows that Massachusetts voters are embracing Governor Charlie Baker's commonsense, reform-minded leadership: Governor Baker's 75% approval rating is the highest among any governor in the country, according to the poll.

Morning Consult: Governor Baker The Most Popular In America  

"The two most popular governors are Republicans in traditionally blue states: Charlie Baker of Massachusetts and Larry Hogan of Maryland. Both governors have reputations as shrewd, bipartisan dealmakers who value results over party purity, and their constituents seem to appreciate that style. Three-fourths (75 percent) of Bay Staters approve of Baker, while 17 percent disapprove." ("America's most and least popular governors," Morning Consult, 4/11/17)

The Boston Globe Headline: "Poll Shows Charlie Baker Is The Most Popular Governor In America. Again."

"In the new Morning Consult poll, Baker came in a tick higher than Maryland’s Larry Hogan, who showed a 74 percent job approval rating. Also in the most recent survey, three of the four most popular governors were, like Baker in Massachusetts, Republicans leading largely Democratic states like Maryland and Vermont." (James Pindell, Poll shows Charlie Baker is the most popular governor in America. Again," Boston Globe, 4/11/17)

US News: Baker Joins Other Pragmatic Blue State GOP Govs At The Top

"America's two most popular governors are Charlie Baker of Massachusetts and Maryland's Larry Hogan, a pair of moderate Republican businessman with reputations for working across party lines running traditionally blue states." (Gabrielle Levy, "Charlie Baker of Massachusetts, Larry Hogan of Maryland Most Popular Governors," US News & World Report, 4/11/17)

Boston Magazine: Governor Continues Sustained Popularity

"The Massachusetts governor had enjoyed top honors through the first half of 2016, before slipping to third in the fall, behind South Dakota’s Gov. Dennis Daugaard and Maryland’s Larry Hogan, two fellow Republicans. In Morning Consult’s latest poll, Baker notched a 75-percent approval rating." (Kyle Clauss, "Charlie Baker Is the Most Popular Governor in America Again," Boston Magazine, 4/11/7)