What They're Saying: Democrats, Unions Opposing Charters Are "Holding Back These Children"

BOSTON -- Democrats continuing to put politics over students are receiving a fresh round of criticism from opinion leaders throughout the Commonwealth. While Democrat state senators are taking their cues from union bosses and standing against educational opportunity, new questions are being raised about Auditor Suzanne Bump's objectivity when it comes to her "obsession" with producing reports that are favorable to the special interests opposing charter schools. 


Lowell Sun: "Democrats - The People Of The Party That Boasts Of Equality - Are Holding Back These Children"
"Do you know how easy it is to brainwash a Democrat legislator in Massachusetts? Get the union honchos at Massachusetts Teachers Association or the American Federation of Teachers to threaten any one of them with the loss of a campaign donation should they support Gov. Charlie Baker's plan to expand the number of public charter schools in the state...The Democrat-controlled legislature has its own choice to make. Either approve Baker's expansion plan or face a statewide ballot initiative in November calling for the cap's removal. Under the latter course, there would be little room for negotiation. It's time to put the kids first -- and the MTA/ATF in its place." (Editorial Board, "End the unions' grip on charter-school cap," Lowell Sun, 3/7/16)
Boston Herald Editorial: Auditor Benefits From Union Bosses' Campaign Checks; Churns Out Reports They "Gleefully" Use To Attack Charters
"With lightning speed, State Auditor Suzanne Bump has put together an analysis of the latest charter school waiting-list data that seems thin on actual analysis. It seems her interest in the accuracy of the data has become rather an obsession....Meanwhile, among the opponents of expansion are teachers unions, which have gleefully used Bump’s repeated claims of “inaccurate” data to condemn expansion efforts (and which are also regular supporters of her campaigns)...It’s important that DESE maintain accurate records, of course, and Bump’s office has an important watchdog role. But it should be applied evenly, and without agenda, and when it comes to charter schools we’re not convinced that’s the case." (Editorial Board, "Editorial: Fun with charter math," Boston Herald, 3/8/16)
Worcester Telegram: "We're With The Governor" In Favor Of Keeping MA's Educational Edge Through Expanded Charters

"We’re with the governor on this one. And so are a number of parents. Few issues generate more passion than the desire of parents to insure their child’s future through a good education...Massachusetts has been ahead of the country in public school education. The success of its MCAS testing program, while a thorn in the side of some in the education establishment, helped put the state in the national forefront for elementary and high school achievement. Similarly, its charter school program is allowing groups with a vision to blaze new approaches in education. Worcester’s Abby Kelley Foster Charter Public School’s focus on the great works of western civilization and the coming Old Sturbridge Academy Charter Public School’s connection to a living museum and experiential learning are just two examples in this “marketplace” of initiatives. It’s critical that Massachusetts continue to innovate in an increasingly knowledge-based economy." (Editorial Board, "Charter battle – City Council expected to vote on state charter school bill," Worcester T&G, 3/8/16)