Indictment, Investigations Derail Dems' Hopes To Move On From Chaos

BOSTON -- Democrats' leadership of the Senate has led to a chamber in chaos, as the party struggles mightily to move on from months of bad headlines about the culture of corruption they've enabled.

The Senate President Isn't Confident In Her Ability To Hold The Post Next Week

"The leadership position of Massachusetts Senate President Harriette L. Chandler is so tenuous she is unsure whether she will still be the chamber’s leader by next week.

"'I don’t know!” Chandler said when asked Monday if she expected to retain her post for the next seven days. 'I, I — I would hope so for next week. I can’t talk too much beyond that.'" (Josh Miller, "Harriette Chandler’s hold on Senate presidency is uncertain," The Boston Globe, 4/3/18)

Boston Globe Analysis Recaps Senate Dems' Terrible Month

"In the past four months, the Massachusetts Senate has seen its top leader step aside, his husband indicted, a former colleague indicted, a sitting senator charged with drunken driving, and an unusual number of colleagues decide not to run for reelection." (Matt Stout, "Amid scandals, future of Mass. Senate leadership still uncertain" The Boston Globe, 3/31/18)

Boston Herald Slams Ethically Challenged Dem Stewardship Of Chamber

"There are a couple of ways to remove cynicism from the electorate in Massachusetts. The first is a perennial endeavor on Beacon Hill: Lawmakers can get better at hiding unethical behavior.

"The second is more straightforward but not employed nearly enough: Lawmakers can stop behaving unethically." (Editorial Board, "Ethics lacking on Hill," Boston Herald, 3/31/18)

Globe Editorial Slams Dems' "Out Of Control Power Of Leadership"

"If Bryon Hefner had been an ordinary citizen, and not the spouse of the powerful Senate president, would he have gotten away with his alleged sexual assaults for as long as he did? For that matter, would he have felt emboldened to attack so many men in the first place?
"Without addressing the out-of-control power of leadership, and the chilling effect it has across Beacon Hill, the conditions that enabled Hefner’s spree of assaults will continue." (Editorial Board, "Fear on Beacon Hill set stage for abuse," The Boston Globe, 3/31/18)

Boston Globe's Adrian Walker Criticizes "Broken" Dem Leadership

"But a broken Senate eventually means that many important things can’t move forward. Goodness knows, little enough happens in the Legislature as it is. This isn’t good for anyone.

"If change is inevitable — as it appears to be — then it needs to happen sooner rather than later. Choosing a president will not repair the damage that’s been done." (Adrian Walker, "The Massachusetts Senate is on the verge of multiple presidents, but does it have any leadership?" The Boston Globe, 4/1/18)