What They're Saying: Blowback From Warren's Wild Facebook Attack

BOSTON - Sen. Elizabeth Warren is facing continued blowback from her outraged Facebook rant against her own donor that contained factual inaccuracies. 

"Ms. Warren appears to be suffering from the same affliction that Mr. Trump’s critics accuse of him: a knee-jerk, fact-free reaction to something she had read in the news.
However, her ad hominem attack on Mr. Tilson only serves to undermine her credibility..."

"'The attack seems gratuitous. She appears to be equating rich with evil,' said Jeffrey M. Berry, a political scientist at Tufts University."
"It looks like Elizabeth Warren’s social media crusade against political enemies may have gone off course."
"When it comes to her signature issues, Warren has been known to use her megaphone to criticize people who are hardly household names. In September 2015, she publicly challenged economist Robert Litan and the highly regarded think tank he was associated with after he gave testimony in a congressional hearing critical of a financial rule she supports....

"He, too, is on the record supporting many of the financial changes Warren has championed, including the creation of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau."

"The Facebook fiasco is only one in a litany of Warren’s recent missteps. She made headlines for being at odds with President Obama and the all-Democratic Massachusetts congressional delegation on popular legislation to fund medical research and addiction treatment.

"Even in this era of hyper-partisanship, the bill, known as the '21st Century Cures Act,' passed 94-5 in the Senate and 392-26 in the House. In Massachusetts, the job-creating biotechnology and medical device industries, as well as leading advocates for addiction treatment, threw their enthusiastic support behind it.

"Warren’s fellow Massachusetts Democrat, U.S. Sen. Ed Markey, declared the 'funding will provide hope to the individuals and families suffering with addiction.'"