Zephir's Hypocrisy On Wages: Husband, Campaign Chairman Paid Millions In Lawsuit For Under-Paying Workers

LEOMINSTER -- Susan Zephir, the Democrat candidate for the Worcester & Middlesex senate district, talks a big game on supporting low-wage workers. But she'd rather voters forget that the company of her husband and campaign chairman was accused by workers of systematically and intentionally underpaying and over-working employees. As the owner of United Plastics, Edward Zephir was named in a lawsuit where his company was accused of having "systemically underpaid employees...over a three-year period by denying them the overtime pay they were entitled to." The embarrasing and troubling record shows that Susan Zephir's promise to "support state policies that help low-wage workers" is purely empty rhetoric.

"Voters in the Worcester & Middlesex district deserve a senator who believes supporting working families is something more than just a political talking point, and Susan Zephir just doesn't pass the test," said MassGOP Chairman Kirsten Hughes. "She claims she wants to help workers, but the company owned by her husband and campaign chairman was forced by a federal court to pay millions in back wages and liquidated damages to employees denied the overtime pay they deserved. Zephir cannot be trusted to support the rights of workers on Beacon Hill."

Susan Zephir's Husband's Company Settled A Lawsuit Where Workers Accused Them Of Systematically Underpaying Employees. 

"More than 550 employees of Leominster-based plastics manufacturer United Plastics will receive $1.4 million in back wages and liquidated damages after a federal court determined the company and staffing agency failed to pay workers overtime, according to U.S. District Court records released Tuesday.

"An investigation by the U.S. Department of Labor's Wage and Hour Division found that the plastic-products manufacturer at 33 Patriots Circle, a second branch in Sardis, Mississippi, and ASI Staffing Group Corp. 'jointly employed and systemically underpaid employees at both plants over a three-year period by denying them the overtime pay they were entitled to,' according to a statement from the Department of Labor.

"The case was filed by the Department of Labor against United Plastics and defendants Edward Zephir Jr., owner and president; Gregory Pojani, vice president of operations and distribution; John Bergeron, plant manager; and ASI Staffing Group Vice President of Operations Mohammed Islam.
"Zephir is the husband of Leominster At-large City Councilor Sue Chalifoux-Zephir."
 (Jordan Tillery, "United Plastics workers awarded $1.4M in OT case," Sentinel and Enterprise, 7/13/16)

Zephir Claims She'll Support Policies That Help Workers

"I’ll also support state policies that help low-wage workers..." ("Issues," Susan Chalifoux Zephir For State Senate)